Skateboarding Is Not a Crime

February 28, 2008
By Julian Mittman, Salk, NY

Skateboarding should not be called a crime. Police and adult authorities don’t understand that skateboarding is a sport. Skateboarders skate because they love the sport and are not trying to hurt or upset anyone. There have been cases of police officers and security guards abusing the rights of skateboarders. They have arrested skateboarders for just walking with their skateboards. In Arkansas a cop arrested a boy and a girl for skateboarding. Even though the kids weren’t allowed to skate there, the cop had used brutal force when he was arresting the kids.
Some towns make skate parks thinking that kids will skate there and not skate on private or public places. Skateboarders sometimes don’t like what the town has put there. Like if the town has put in a lot of vert ramps and no street course. Also the town may not even have a skate park and the closest skate park could be on the other side of the state and too far to drive there everyday. Skateboarders should meet with the mayor of their town and put together a good skate park that everyone will enjoy.
Skateboarders do ruin ledges, handrails, and benches. That can cost the town or the building owners a lot of money to repair it. Skateboarders just skate and some do it because it is their job. Some towns don’t have skate parks in their town or close to the town. Many are forced to skate on the private property. Also to stop skateboarders from ruining private or public property a company has designed a thing called skate stoppers. It is a metal piece that is mounted on to the piece of property. Skateboarders and companies should work out a time to allow the skaters to skate there with the supervision of a security guard.
There are two solutions to this problem. The towns let the kids skateboard wherever they want or build a good skate park for everyone.

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