A Fighting Dog's Plea

July 28, 2008
By Alexis Shaw, Upper Marlboro, MD

Master you are a god to me
So please read my begging plea
I'm a lover, not a fighter
So please make my day a little brighter
Everyday I wake up in dread
But maybe it would be better if instead of concrete I had a bed
I shed my blood numerous times in that ring
Just so you can count your dirty bling
I'm getting old now and the day will come
When you'll consider useless and dumb
I'll prepare myself for that time
When I'll lose a fight and you'll toss me out like dirt and grime
Although you disappointed me and I did the same to you
All I ever wanted was for you to say "I love you too"
I guess being a dog is my downfall because I love too much
Even when for all those years all I've
received was a painful touch
If you look into my eyes, you'll know I still think the world of you
But just know you have hurt me through and through
But since you don't care about what I think, my dying request is that you read this plea
Because Master you are a god to me

The author's comments:
Dedicated to all the helpless dogs who are victems of man's cruelty

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