Seasons Bloom

December 17, 2012
The sun is just starting to stretch her rays across the open fields. Normal yellows and browns of the wheat flare into a fiery gold. The stalks sway calmly in the cool breeze. They will be harvested any day now. Droplets of water cling to the emerald grass blades as the farm sprinklers shut off. The air is still cool. A perfect 70 degrees. The usual thick choking humidity is being held at bay for a few more minutes. A jogger passes by and takes in the beauty of nature.
The jogger slowly breathes in and out, trying to calm her labored breath. Her feet tap a steady rhythm on the newly refinished black top road. The yellow and white lines almost scream with contrast to the black tar. Cars begin passing the jogger in packs as the drivers must get to work. The small town is coming into view. Buildings unfurl. The once red bricks of the streets and buildings reveal the age of the town. Some are slightly chipped while others are on the verge of crumbling. Even in the early hours of the day, people are up if they are not going to work. Some are mowing their lawns before the merciless baking heat hits. The freshly trimmed jade grass perfumes the air with its sweetness. The green apple colored leaves come alive on the trees as the sun hits them at the perfect angle. They are glowing, almost yellow and transparent. It takes the imagination far away. Almost wondering if these minuscule moments of beauty are a glimpse of what heaven must look like.
As school starts the weather begins to change but the jogger still finds time to exercise.
The fields are now filled with pumpkins, the golden wheat gone. The pumpkins are scattered around the large brown field. The iconic orange bursts against the grey-brown ground. The green vines do not stand out as much but they are the same colors of tree leaves in the summer. The breeze is cooler, but not uncomfortable. It teeters between cool and warm. The trees behind the fields surge with color. Crimson red, pumpkin orange, and golden yellow leaves ignite against the baby blue sky and deep brown tree trunks. They are the very fascination of many photographers and it is not hard to see why.
In town the grass starts to wither but the falling leaves take its place creating a patchwork like quilt. Halloween and Thanksgiving hang in the air. Decoration upon decoration is taken out. Pumpkins, just like the ones in the fields, are carved and set upon porches. Their baked seeds can be smelled as the breeze drifts through town. It fills the lungs and furnishes the soul. Fake spider webs hang from the porches as well. Neon greens, oranges, and purples contrast against the neutral colored houses. Ladybugs are victims of these webs. There are clusters of their orange and red little bodies.
The frigid winter brings along frosty snow and chills but still the jogger bundles up and braces the nippy weather. Paints lines on the road slowly begin to fade as snow and salt begin to lick away at them. Fields once filled with crops are now completely barren, but their beauty is not lost. Fluffy snow coats the ground. It shimmers and glitters like a pageant girl’s dress. It blinds the eyes but it still amazingly beautiful.Tall trees are a striking deep chocolate against the vivid white snow.
There is a peacefulness that makes the jogger pause. It is ethereal. A fairytale world. One only existing in books, movies, and dreams. It is a moment that can’t be captured by a camera. A moment you wish you could keep forever. There is complete silence. Not a single sound, not even the wind. The sky begins to sprinkle snowflakes adding to the unearthly effect. One lands on the joggers’ exposed cheek. It melts immediately, causing a slight tickle. The jogger opens her mouth to catch snowflakes on her tongue, just as she did when she was a child. A smile breaks on her face. The simple joy a snowflake can bring.
The town is beautiful too, but in a different way. The streets have been plowed and the snow in now an unattractive muddy brown pushed against the yards. Yards and hills are littered with footprints and packed down from sleds. Children are wrapped up in layers of clothes. Some children shovel the driveway, some build snowmen, and others try to surf on sleds down the nearest hill.The snow clings to the children’s clothes in icy patches. The town is beautiful with the joy that is filled in the air. Children’s laughter ring like bells.Once they’ve had enough they will all retreat inside to the comfort of some steaming hot chocolate.
As the snow begins to melt away, flowers buds begin to break ground. The jogger sheds layers of clothes and begins to relax into the weather. By now, the grass and weeds have taken over the fields. The ground will be ready to plow very soon. The trees are gorgeous as usual. The bark is made of many browns and even a few shades of gray. The leaves are rainbow shades of green that slowly unfurl. The green is only richer against the gray overcast sky. The clouds swollen with unshed rain drops. The jogger notices and picks up the pace. The smell of rain is in the air. Fresh and warm. Comforting. It would be much more comforting under the shelter of a roof.
The jogger out of breath, finally makes it into town. Her legs feel like two solid blocks of weights and it’s all they can do to put one foot in front of the other. The clouds open up and release the clear substance. The rain is surprisingly warm. The kind that you want to dance in. The jogger suddenly doesn’t mind the rain and tilts their head up to the sky. After the rain is done a crisp clear smell will hang in the air and the temperature will be perfect. A sure sign that doors and windows will be propped open.
The jogger runs for two reasons. One, for health, but the second, is to try to get those small glimpses of beauty that nature can offer.

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