"How can our Population become a problem"

December 13, 2012
By Vince.k BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Vince.k BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Have you ever realized what would happen if the population kept growing? Our population is growing every day! Before you know it the growth will be more than our society can handle. With the growth of our population comes the growth of problems,such as: money, space, and our ecosystems. The purpose of this essay is to show how our growing population will become a problem.

With the growth of our population comes growth of money problems, meaning less money in our pockets. Since there will be more people the demand for electricity will go up, making the price increase. Then, people are going to need food to live; the demand for food will also rise, and make food prices rise. Work is already hard to find so imagine trying to find one when more people take up jobs! It will almost be impossible! People are going to need money, but it will be too hard to get and keep.

Space will soon become a problem with an over populated country. Cities will have to grow leading to states getting bigger. Homes will be need for families but to make homes forests will be cut down to make room for the people in the United States.Wich in fact will also cost us more money, making things harder. Just were will all the people stay? Let’s not forget about the kids they school to provide an education but we won’t have any were to build these schools.

In conclusion, you now know space, money, and nature will soon become the many problems of a growing population. How are you going to be affected by the population growth?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this article after being in a crowded elevator.

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