November 8, 2007
My cousin Alex survived a horrible car accident in Honduras and was paralyzed. Hospitals in the poor country offer little care. Doctors informed Alex he would never walk again. He was devastated. His only hope was to come to the states and get the best doctors to help him. None of us knew how we were going to get him to the States or help him. We asked the Honduran government to permit him to come to the States to get treatment. The visa was expensive, but the pay off could be worked off in the states.
Permission was granted.

Alex and his parents entered the states. Since my mom is always out of town, I made the decision to let them stay with me. Alex appeared down and disappointed. Kingwood Hospital admitted him. His rehabilitation began. In order for Alex to walk again there was going to be a lot of therapy. Alex got frustrated every morning. He has to allow the nurse to wake him, take him to the restroom, bath him, dress him, and exercise him. Alex fail every time. Alex was so miserable he cried himself to sleep every night; he couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Alex got to the point that all he wanted to do was die. He was dreaming up ways to harm himself, but never had the courage to act
Alex’s friends only came to visit him once and never came back; Alex didn’t even get a phone call from them. Alex had a girlfriend, but she wasn’t even making things better, All she did was argue with him and left him because he couldn’t walk.

Alex will lie about being in pain just so that they will give him drugs, There wasn’t one day that Alex wasn’t on drugs, The nurse stopped give him drugs because he was abusing it, he will hit himself just so that he could have pain. Alex didn’t want to stop but he had to because the hospital wasn’t going to give him any more drugs.

The holidays was coming up and it was a cold winter, everybody had the flu, sneezing, sore throat, eyes watery, red nose, but people still had there sprits up even though they where sick. Alex on the other hand didn’t want anything, All he wanted was to walk.

Alex had a visit one day… his grandmother she came to get his spirits up, Alex looked at her and just turned around. Alex’s grandmother didn’t pay it any mind but just told him one thing, “just because you can not walk and you’re frustrated doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us, just rely on God and everything will be okay, Just tell him your problems and he will help you fix them.” There was silent’s in the room, she just looked at him and told him think about what she said, she turned around and left.

Alone and nobody to talk to, he starts praying and tells god ‘please help me over come this I don’t want to be stuck like this for the rest of my life.” The next morning Alex was happy woke up with a smile on his face, and Alex didn’t know why, but Alex was willing for the nurse to help him

The doctors and the nurses will exercise his legs and pick him up so that little by little he can start walking; Alex will get frustrated but would never give up.

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