This is About the Life of a Boy

September 28, 2007
This is about the life of a boy that is me and this story is 100% real and its pretty crazy I will not waste any ones time so I will do a part one. If I get this on the magazine there will be a part two. Part one is about how I chose the life of drug and alchol free.
At a young age I was brought up by a wonderful woman and man I am happy to call mommy and daddy, well mommy was not like any other moms she was a heroine addict thats not cool. My mom use to fall asleep at dinner on the toilet in the kitchen because she would get high alot. One day my mom droped a glass cup from the cabinet above the sink it hit the counter and shattered into many peices. The shattered pecies went flyin none hit my mom but some got into my sisters eye. I can remember that day vividly I also remember running to my neighbors and we got my sister to the hospital, she did not loose her eye thank god for that but she must wear glasses now on. My mom messed big time with that then a short while after when i was going into third grade my mom and dad seperated so basically i lost my mom due to her drugs I never saw her until the year 2000 late of that year my mom finally got better and became a mom again. She latter on a couple of years later got married to a wonderful man my step dad they just had a baby in 2006 named dylan. My mom has gone a long way and has been clean for a long time six years and my step dad has been clean for sixteen years and will be seventeen on my birth day how cool is that. My mom has become a role model of mine she has shown me that people can get better after they mess up but if you dont mess up mabye you wont need to get better i hope people will use my mom how i use her as a reson not to do drugs and one day i hope to live with her again even tho i see her all the time. part two if there is a part two is about my experience in my life such as my major eye surgery and my evil step mom who will no longer be my step moms verbal abuse and mentally trying to break me down.
yeah my life is pretty nuts and its all real luckly it will be perfect one day and to all readers have a nice day, and my name is Shawn "the spaz" W.

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