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July 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Confusion is the state I was in I have currently found myself. Hi I'm Janashia but, my friends call me Jay. I've been trying to move on after my ex boyfriend Marcus. I was so in love with him. But like most guys i get with he cheated on me and i decided to take him back, I tol ya'll I loved him. You would think the idea of almost losing me would get him to act right but that is not the case at all cause he shortly went back to his cheating ways. So I did finally leave him. I moved on and everything I got a new boyfriend named Aaron. I like him, he is a good guy. he was just .. or should i say he wasn't Marcus. I love that man with all my heart, he says he loves me too. I cant believe that if were not together. I mean I understand nobody's perfect and everyone cheats at least once or twice but how much can I take.
Lately I've been sitting alone thinking, listening to music and writing. I write song for artist and producers. I always wanted "the life" but I never wanted the fame. So I got it by writing music. This whole thing with Marcus got me three number one songs. I cant be to mad at him for that. I think back and chuckle. Oh i bet your wondering what happen to Aaron, nothing he's still my boo, we talk being with him makes me smile. I love to look in his eyes I felt like that were I should be but I was still so in love with Marcus. ANd that began my confusion.
I should of cheated by Keyshia Cole started coming from my phone above my head.
"Marcus what do you want this time of morning??" I asked looking at the clock which read 6:29am.
"Babe I need a huge favor from you??" Just hearing his deep voice woke me up and made me want him.
"If you aint dying I think it can wait till later." I say acting like Im not smiling as hard as I am.
"It could wait but I was just thinking of you and about the favor."
"Okay what is it?" I ask getting impataint.
"I need you to come over."
I pull my phone away from my ear and look at it like it must be broken. I know he did not just call me and wake me up just come over??Im going to kill him.
"Hello Jay Hello??" I hear coming out of the reciever. I come back from my thoughts.
"For what Marcus? What I need to come over for this early in the morning for.
He laughs, "I never said right now just come over whenever you get up."
"Whatever" I was starting to get an attitude.
"Babe, I love you." He says like he always does but this time it felt like the first time my heart was pounding. But I managed to say nothing I hung up on him. Im not in the mood and its only seven in the morning. I finally went back to sleep at ten. I was up wondering what Marcus could want from me and if I should go. I would normally call my bestfriends but they were tierd of hearing me talk about Marcus. I woke around one o'clock in the afternoon jumped in the shower. If i was going to see the man I love then I was going to look good and smell good. I put on my BabyPhat outfit i knew he love me to wear with the matching hills. And since Im not the one to pop up I texted him and said I was on my way even though I didn't leave for 20 more minutes. I pulled up to his apartment and did my final check to make sure I looked good before I walked to his door and Knocked.

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