February 28, 2008
ZHWOOP! Did you know the negative side of a magnet will only attract to the positive side of the other magnet? Same goes with siblings. My sister Kayla and I differ in a variety of ways, but are very similar in others. To compare ourselves, we compare our characteristics, personalities, and likes and dislikes.

First, we compare our characteristics where many categories fall beneath it; someone’s looks, how they dress, their body features, or their overall appearance. In this category, we are incredibly different with just a pinch of similarities which happen to contain our shiny blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Also, the tops of our heads both reach 5 feet 7 inches from the ground. Besides those little similarities, we differ much more. Stick straight hair rests half way down my back as her extremely curly hair rests just at her shoulders. Kayla likes to hold her own sense of style sticking out of the crowd in casual modest clothing while I wear the “in” clothes from Hollister or Abercrombie. To sum up, we differ in the characteristics, but what about our personality?

Secondly, our different personalities come in. How a person acts and the way people see them can define personality. Sense of humor and happiness qualifies as a personality my sister and I both contain. Other than that, we have completely opposite personalities. I am incredibly loud, outgoing, and always smiling while shyness lingers over her at times and she would rather keep things to herself. To summarize, we vary in personalities which sometimes helps depend on what you like and dislike.

At last, we balance out our likes and dislikes which I considered as what people enjoy and want in their life compared to what people do not care for and would not mind living without. Kayla likes to play volleyball and absolutely loves art. Also, she takes photography classes and used to play the saxophone for a couple of years and became absolutely amazing. I love cheerleading and a large number of people consider me as preppy, ditzy, and blonde. Hanging out with friends, one of my favorite things to do, differs from her because she would rather spend time alone reading an adventurous novel. Disregarding those differences, we relate to a couple of activities, too. Obviously we both love sports and are extremely athletic. Also, we both could not live with out our phone, computer, or shopping. To review, in many ways we relate to each other in what we like but also dislike a lot of different things.

Just because she holds her own style while I wear what everyone else does, I am so much louder then her, and we play different sports and like different activities, we still get along perfectly fine. With completely opposite characteristics, personalities, and likes and dislikes we still find a few similarities throughout them. People always wonder and ask my mom how we get along so great when were extremely different, and I sometimes wonder the same question, but I think I just came to my conclusion; opposites attract.

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