A Sad Story

February 26, 2008
A time when it felt like my heart was breaking was when I moved out of Pennsylvania and I
missed my friends a ton. I used to play a lot of games with them, like baseball,
basketball, and hockey (street).

Whenever we played baseball, I would always play 1st base and bat 2nd for my best friend
Craig's team. He always played 2nd base and batted lead off. My other best friend, Luke, played shortstop and batted 5th. It was awesome. Every day we'd go out to the hot, dry hill right by all of the houses in our neighborhood. It was like one big mountain. But it was fun, especially when it went to extra innings. It was very exhausting!

In the autumn my friends and I would trudge out to the street in hockey gear and play street hockey. We played on the street because none of us could ice skate if our lives depended on it. Anyway, I was a beast at being goalie. We only played 20 hockey games that faithful year before I moved. I had 14 shutouts. I was a complete monster.

My favorite sport to play with my friends back in Pennsylvania was basketball. I usually played power forward or center and I was like defensive stopper. My offense wasn't as good as it could have been, but that's what Luke was for. I miss being in Pennsylvania, but I still like it here in Michigan. I just wish that I could combine them together and live there.

I really miss my friends in Pennsylvania, but i like it here too. I've got it good!

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