The Day My Dog Abby Died

February 26, 2008
I woke up to the sound of my mom crying on a cool sunny spring day. I walked downstairs as fast as I could and walked onto the hardwood floor and saw my mom sitting next to my dog. It took a second to say anything because I thought she had already died. I asked my mom what was wrong with Abby. She said that her kidney disses got worse and she quit eating and drinking. My eyes slowly filled with tears and we made an agreement that we would put her down.

A few minutes later my brother, my mom, and I were waiting in the car for my dad to carry the dog into the car. As we pulled out of the driveway my dog took one last look at the house as of she knew what was going on. Once we arrived at the vet we walked in the room for the doctor to come in. She came in and let us have five more minutes with her but they went by too quickly. She came in and pulled out her shot and I told her that I loved her and the moment that she died i remembered the first time I saw her.

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