Looking Back

February 18, 2008
Sometimes it’s hard to understand, why things happen as they do. As we face the uncertainties that each day may bring, we don’t always stop and think about the choices we have made. We live just for the moment, then tomorrow comes and all we face is heartache.

The price we pay is often substantial, as time goes on it often follows. For the choices we do make, are some we can’t forget. Sometimes we are uncertain of the decisions that must be made; although it may seem easy, choices go unmade.

We’re not willing to forgive, others for what they do. We eventually lose acceptance and clarity of all the things that were important to us at one time. We carry a heavy burden, and soon it starts to show, as we feel the weight upon our shoulders.

We choose to live in constant fear, we go on pretending as if nothings wrong. We exclude ourselves from the real world. We choose to hide, rather than face the truth. Because of this we do not live, we shut people out, and let know one in. We cannot experience life for the way it is or the way it was intended.

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