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The night of the Christmas Parade

December 11, 2012
By Love_Jesus18 SILVER, Killeen, Texas
Love_Jesus18 SILVER, Killeen, Texas
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On Saturday 9,2012 at 3:320p.m Isbella left her house and started walking to Killeen High School. Isbella had to be at Killeen High School at 3:50p.m so she could meet her Boys and Girls Club members. They were going to the Christmas parade. While Isbella was walking the street was loud with car noises there was also occasional smoke in the air. Isbella wore her Boys and Girls Club shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Since it was hot Isbella took off her sweater while walking and tied it around her waist then put it on her purse on her shoulder. By the time Isbella got to Killeen High School it was 3:48p.m and there were 5 other girls there. At 3:50p.m Mrs. Amber showed up with the Boys and girls Club van and we all got into the van and waited to see if anyone else was going to show up. At 4:00p.m we left the school to head to the Boys and Girls Club Bigham Unit to eat dinner and play games. When we got to the Bigham Unit we had three different choices for the pizza. There was pepperoni, sausage, and cheese pizza. I chose cheese pizza, a bag of chips and a can of Dr. Pepper for dinner. Then we went to the Boys and Girls Club van to head for the parade. Around 5:48p.m and we waited till the parade started before we started walking. With the Boys and Girls Club banner/sign that said “Brighter futures start here at the Boys and Girls Club.” I was in front of the van with 3 other girls holding the banner/sign on the right side. The parade was very loud because everyone was very loud because everyone was telling everyone that was watching from the sidelines Merry Christmas. Everyone that was in the parade was throwing candy to the kids on the sidelines watching. On one of the streets that we went on there was the TV/News people and I started to freak out because it was my first time to be on TV.

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Having fun on the night of the christmas parade and joking around/ being funny...

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