Ski Trip

February 8, 2008
By Jenna Pizarek, Mattawan, MI

I was on a ski trip with my friend Morgan who just happened to be an awesome snowboarder and I was just an OK skier. Morgan told me to go down a black diamond and I wanted to try to show off, so I nervously said sure. I was on the chair lift admiring my brown hair and my pink and black coat. Unfortunately, I had to wear big puffy snow pants.

“I hate these snow pants,” I said out loud. We got off the ski lift and started heading down the hill, Please don't fall, I kept repeating in my head. With my bad luck I accidentally went over a jump. I flew through the air . I looked like an untrained monkey in the woods. “BOOM!” I fell flat on my face. “OWWWWW!'' I yelled so everyone could hear me. My skis slid down the slippery hill. I didn't get up, I just laid there trying not to make a scene. I was only half way down the big white mountain. The snow was laughing at me.

Then Morgan stopped and started historically laughing at me but she wasn't the only one laughing at me everyone who went by said, “ What a dork,” and, “Shes so clumsy.” I was SOOOO embarrassed. I was the orange polka dot in the middle of a bunch of blue polka dots. Since my skis slid down the hill, I had to walk on the slippery stuff on the side of a mountain. But when I was walking again, I slipped and fell because my clunky boots have not grip at all.

Please don't laugh at me, I thought to myself. When I got to the bottom, Morgan was just standing there with a mad look on her face. I just said “What!” She said, “ Look at me carefully.” Then I noticed that her snow pants were all wet in the front. I just started laughing. Then she said,
“Thanks a lot! you made me pee in my pants.” So that made me feel way better. After she got cleaned up, we made a promise that what happened at the ski hill stays at the ski hill. I will never forget what happened.

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