Some People Know Me As...

February 7, 2008
By Megan Strickland, Morris Plains, NJ

Some people now me as the sad looking emo girl. But that is just all talk. Who I really am is who I choose to be. If I do not want to be a sassy little girl who always has a sarcastic remark, then I won’t be her. I tend to want to be who I really am. I am not always loud, as people know me as from earlier in my life. But I have changed and I hope people will know that about me.

Life brings all kinds of changes, obstacles, and life-threatening adventures you will have to try to succeed at going through because if you don’t even try you will always loose. Life is like a board game, if you know the rules, you will usually succeed. That’s only if you participate. Just living and going with what you have to will get through, you will end up with a tiny two room apartment for when you are older which you definitely will not want. Everyone has problems with themselves or troublesome problems that have just evolved around them and never seem to leave them alone. But don’t think it gives you a reason to just sit down and think you are the only one with problems. Everyone has to deal with evils that tend to mix up their lives. Some people learn how to either ignore them, learn how to work with them, or learn to fight against them knowing what it will do to them. Mostly others just take what they can get even with the strings attacked; they get farther because they learn how to hide their feelings. But sometimes they just crack and end up messing up their lives. Everyone should learn how to hide their emotions at the right moment, but everyone needs to cry sometime to let out all their despair and resentment. You never want to put up a brick wall, hiding behind it, and never showing whom you truly are because then you will never realize you are in love or how you are truly feeling.

You are who you want to be, even if that means looking like a dork, reading all the time, or a hardcore rock band girl. People can’t control you unless you let them, giving them what they need to be able to escape their own problems. Usually people are too scared to either stand up themselves, or even do what they want even if its not the ‘in’ thing to do. Just do what you want and let yourself be free from people controlling you, and live the way you want to.

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starghos4 said...
on Aug. 22 2008 at 7:18 pm
Awesome story! I feel the same way. Keep writing.

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