February 6, 2008
By Brittany Bradley, Springfield, IL

Smile, it will be you to the one who says it. Smile, it will be you who doesn't want to. Smile, it will be you who dosen't care and who wonders why that girl sat there and dosent smile.

Smile, it will be you. Smile, she dosent smile when people are around her because she she feels it is weak. Smile, she dose'nt give hugs becaus she knows the people she is hugging will at some point betraid her. Smile, she dose'nt go out because she has her things and has been through things and does'nt want to go back. Smile, she sits at home watching what she eats so she can make her self feel beautiful when she goes out in public.

Smile, she does'nt smile because she feels that if she does to soon when she really wants to smile she wont be abe to. Smile, she doe'nt feel smart because she knows there are people a lot smarter. She does'nt feel beautiful on the outside because she does'nt feel beautiful on the inside. She does'nt smile because she thinks she wont be able to again.

Smile, she does'nt cry because she knows that people will look down on her. Smile, she does'nt laugh because she knows that when she does most of the time it hurts other people. Smile, she does'nt look exited because most of the time it is never for her.

Smile, she does'nt smile and just like you she will never let anyone else know but once your done reading this yuo might want to just like me.

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