It Will Be Better

January 19, 2008
As I left my home and friends,
I didnt look back, I held my chin up high, smiled, and said “it will be better”
Thinking that I’ll be living in a new beautiful home but it wasnt so,
I held my chin up high, smiled and said “It will get better” but I looked back,
As time went by and the past and present was leaving me so did my friends only you stayed by my side, I smiled and said “It will get better” but I looked back and my chin stayed down.
Soon I thought I wasnt good enough so I turned away from my own advice and made things harder.
I struggled to say “it will get better” and I looked back, my chin stayed down and that glowing smile disappeared.
Things got tough and as the time to move in drew close many tears came with it.
There was nothing else to be said, nothing left but to give up.
Looking back at what I left, a chin that wouldnt stay up, a vanished smile and you was all that I had left.
But I had you and I guess you saw in my eyes what no one else did.
We talked like we always have that night but when I hung up this time,
I was looking ahead with my chin held high, my smile back and the words “it will be better” written on my lips.

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