He Was Actually Really Sweet...

January 14, 2008
He was actually really sweet, at least it seemed that way. And everyone laughed at his jokes, so he must be funny. But I could see everything about him in his smile. It was sort of a goofy one. He would tilt his head back a little, laughing, then straighten it out and grin. His dimples sparkling next to his cute little mustache and beard. It showed he was confident, but not conceited. And his lips...looked so soft and kissable. It was as if he moisturized them. Never cracked or chapped, always perfect. He would lick the ice cream off his lips slowly, like he knew I was watching. He would wave to his friends in the hallway and just walk by me without looking. He was so smooth. I couldn’t help but think of him that whole double block of Algebra. Doodling his initials into my assignment notebook, I was zapped back into reality when Mr.Barret called on me to answer the problem he had just written on the board. Oh Jesus Christ.
Rearranging his abnormally large toupe, he coughed and gave me a look of pure evil. “If you would rather be in an art class doodling your boyfriend’s initials, I suggest you talk to your guidance counselor Miss Berbain!” he shrieked. “Oh Jesus” I muttered. He must have heard me, because before I could apologize he was writing me up and sending me to the office. This man obviously had never been in highschool. The only way he could relate to us was through the teacher/student magazines he kept hidden in his cabinet, though clearly those had no affect on him whatsoever. He could not even have the heart to keep the fact that he saw what I was doodling to himself. Oh and of course, sitting in the office, awaiting his appointment with the principal was my “boyfriend” David Bryant reading Sports Illustrated. As I sat down next to him, I could feel my face burning. He turned to me, grinned and went back to his magazine. Oh god, his smile made my knees melt. I tried to think of something to say, when he turned to me again. “What’re you in for?” he asked in a positively delicious Irish accent. “Mr.Barret caught me doodling in class...and cussing” I answered. He laughed at this. “You like to draw?” he asked. “Oh yes, very much. Do you?” I replied, trying to think of something interesting to say. “Yes. I love it. Hey you go to-“ he was cut off by Miss Brown. “D-David, Mrs.Alwertz will s-see you now” she stuttered monotonously. “Well, I’ll see you around I guess” he winked at me. Oh, I could have fainted on the spot.

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