An Adventure Into the Unknown

January 22, 2008
By Chloe Lozier, Coronado, CA

Excitment treavels through my veins as I step onto this train, this train which bwill transport me around this marvolous world, so large and eye opening I don't know of course, but I have heard of stories about the many countries, that were once out of my grasp but are not any more. I can not contain my happiness and my joy as I leave this place! I look outside this clear glass window and see a wonderful scenery rolling past me. I know in my heart this is what I must do, I desire it,I dream of it. this is an adventure because i am the first woment ot travel around the world in the year 1902.

I will write of my great wonders and woes, the people, the sites, and the food I will taste as i travel this mysterious world, yes indeed it is exciting, or even frightening in the eyes of a women who has never traveled alone, but do not worry nor fret i am ready for the dangers of life set out before me!

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