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Have You Ever Had a Friend...

January 10, 2008
By Lauryn penczek, Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever had a friend you could tell anything to and actually trust them and know your secret is safe with them? Well I do, my best friends name is Kalianna and she is the person that means most to me. I would do anything for her because she does so much for me. We are cousins and have known each other since we were babies and now we are very close and talk to each other every day.

Every year Kalianna’s mom, which is my aunt, would have a Christmas Party. She had parties every year until in 2004 when my great grandma died. Kalianna and I would always look forward to the Christmas Party every year. We would only see each other 2 times a year, on her party and during her birthday parties. In 2005 my uncle would go to see Kalianna’s older brothers and every time he went over there Kalianna would ask about me and I always asked about her.

So finally in 2006 Kalianna and I started talking more and started going places together. During the summer we had a couple sleepovers and went to each others house for the day. As the year went by me and Kalianna grew apart and didn’t talk at all. Then she invited me to her birthday party and we started talking again. We became the best of friends and couldn’t be separated.

Then in 2007 we got in a fight and didn’t talk for a while. I was lost without her because she was always there for me and then we just stopped talking. We were in a fight for about a month and finally she accepted my apology. When we were over our fight we decided that life pretty much sucked without each other. We told each other that we wouldn’t fight anymore and that we loved each other way to much to fight. So ever since we haven’t gotten in a fight and have stayed best friends.

Kalianna is the sweetest and smartest friend I have. She helps me with all my problems and is there for me every time I need her. If I didn’t have Kalianna in my life, I don’t know what I would do. I feel I can trust her with just about anything and I know that she will be there for me no matter what. I talk to her every day and if something happened, she’d be the first person I’d tell. When I’m around Kalianna I act like myself and I’m really hyper. We laugh at just about anything and when I’m at her house I feel like I am at home because everyone there loves. All I can say is I love Kalianna so much and she means the world to me.

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