My Big Exam

January 23, 2008
By Volkan Gül, Istanbul, ZZ

I had studied for six months for the OKS(exam to choose
highschools).I would give my ears to pass this exam with a high
grade.My class and I wanted to go to Istanbul High school but we
disbanded after the exam.2 of us were admitted there.Before the
OKS my friends and I tested ourselves with ALS (examination for
military high school) and I did the best in my class.Maybe this was
the reason why I failed to study and I couldn't go to high school
that I wanted.

After my class and I’s effort,the big day came,10 July 2007.I
went to observe the school that I had the OKS.The school's name
is Denizköşkler Primary School.We went to there at 8:30 with my
family by car.Complicated thoughts were turning around my brain
.”I'm in the final,I'll be free,computer,100 questions... “I left these
thoughts when I came to school.After I had entered the enormous
(or seemed to be) school,"Yes Volkan,You're in your destiny,"I
hummed to myself.A few minutes later,the teachers began to
divide groups,I was in the 17th group .
The teachers guided us to go to tiny classes."Am I in a
dream or a nightmare but I don't want to be in reality" I thought
.We began to have exam at 10 o'clock .The Turkish and Maths
part improved my moral because the questions were very easy for
me .However,in science part, I was lost.As if each question was a
bulldozer and they were coming to destroy me.I didn't take much
damage but It destroyed the moral part of me.I gained my moral
again at the social part.At the end of the exam , all of the parents
clapped for us audibly.I was on the clouds when the exam ended.I
didn't notice while I was going to exit the school,to the freedom.
While I was going out.I saw my friend and I asked"How was
your exam?"
He replied"It's ok but I think yours is very well.You’ll go to a
well-educating exam. "When I met with my family I felt very
comfortable .Everything was over.All of the trial and fear.We had
welfare ,freedom and felicity.My parents congrutulated me and we
went to home by same way.3 months;to sleep,play and not be
forced for anything.

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