Exam Result

January 23, 2008
By Ege Uğurlu, Istanbul, ZZ

10th of June, 2007 I passed the OKS exam like the other students. It’s important exam for
the children because the children who want to enter a good high school are studying for this exam like me. Actually, I didn’t work too much but I know my responsibilities which are important for our life.

The exam’s day morning was chilly but the exam was not hard for me. It was easy, I
was so lucky in this regard. The weather was sunny but I thought at the start of the
exam’s front of was misty. Probably I was so excited at the beginning of the exam but
later, I consantrated to the exam very well and immediately, I couldn’t hear gurgling etc.
If a bomb had gone off,I wouldn’t have a head booming noice.I was sitting in a shadowy place so the sun wasn’t any trouble for me. When the time was up, I went to the garden
of school with sweat. So I realised, the bittersweet year had finished!!! Because this year
including many events forme and my friens. Some children produced various allegations.
They mentioned classes which weren’t good for students. They said fluently,“Damn!I couldn’t do a question which was easy for me. Actually, it was not hard but…” This opinion wasn’t the same for some children. They (My friends) said sadly, “I was excited
so I couldn’t do it very well. Probably, I won’t get into favourite school.” When they
said it, I smiled and I said “ the excitement factor didn’t effect to me and I think, the
questions were so easy but some sound disturbed me.” (the door’s deafening sound, also the blackboard was glistening)

I was relaxing and washing my face,I yelled “It finished!”I wanted to run until the USA..
At this point, I learned smt. Exams are not more valuable than our life. I discussed the
OKS with my best friend.

“Can you guess your exam result?” I asked curiously. But at that moment, his face was
like bitter.

“Ihh! I think, it will be so so.” Murathan said angrily
“Yes . It would be better than but whatever…” I yelled.
“ Ok! We should met our friends.” he suggested.
One month later, I learnd my result and I realized, that is enough for UAA. It’s my
favourite school. It’s brilliant.

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