The Most Exciting Go-Cart Race In My Life

January 23, 2008
By Kerem Mergen, Istanbul, ZZ

We had seven official races before the last race and I was in the first position of the season before the race. The regulation has a few rules like the race finishes end of three hours. Also, my real opponent “Salih” was second position and he had to win the race or finish the race in front of me if he wanted to win the season. His obstinate personality doesn’t want to give up.

The big day was misty and the flags were glowing. I wore my racesuit and all of the racers joined the breifing session. After the tecnical checking and the practice session, the race had begun. I was shivering when I was in the grid and I felt that sweat was sliding on my skin. Everything was fainting in front of my eyes. The circumstances were highly exciting. When the start had been given, I felt that I was sitting there motionless but I knew that I had to concantrate on the race. “You came to the last race and you can beat Salih in this race too,” I told myself. I always had communacation with my team and my father who always supports me and watches me at every race. I was taking information from them by walky-talky.

First, I passed seven of my opponents in twelve laps and I was reaching Salih slowly. “Come on Kerem.This race will be your best race. I believe in you son. Just be careful and use the opportunuties. Everything is going well and your tires are gripping very strongly. We think that we will take you after twenty five laps to the pit,” my father told me.

There was a stop-watch in my car and I saw that I made very a fast lap time. Suddenly, “It was the best lap.You are flying son. Keep going,” my father bellowed with very happy voice. The banging voice came abruptly and my director squealed that my car’s clutch system had broken and I had to go to the pit earlier. They fixed the problem very quickly. I just lost one lap but I didn’t care because everyone needed to go to the pit. After ten minutes, my opponents started to go to the pit and while they were going to the pit I knew that those laps were very important for me and I had to make my best performance. I was getting tired but I didn’t give up and I started to go faster and faster and faster.

After end of the pit-stops my position was fourth and Salih was in the second position. Finally, I reached a men who was in the third position. “There are 12 laps to go. Keep going and follow the announcements,” my director snapped. I followed the car and in the start-finish I did my attack but he blocked me and he guarded his own line but he squeezed me and drove his car dangerously and I became very angry with him.

“You are in a race.What are you thinking?” I roared. On the next corner I went inside and he went a bit wide and I guarded the race line and I passed him finally. The next step was Salih “Kerem, you must pass Salih,” I murmured.

At that moment My father added, “You are seriously good son. Keep going and do not forget that you still must be careful.” Now I have just ten laps to go and I was behind Salih by just two short seconds. My team members were always giving information and they were motivating me every time. After two laps, I reached Salih and I waited for my team’s direction. I followed for him two laps and I did my first attack but it didn’t work.

Suddenly, a racer who was going in first position, went wide and went into the grass and we both passed him. Now I was in second. Afterwards, my father turned on the walky-talky and he sputtered, “When you want to try an attack, do it!!” I gave my last break to him and after this, I did my attack. I went inside. He couldn’t close the race line but he didn’t give up and came next to me. “Do not be scared because you are controling things,” my father murmered again. Now it was time to pass and I did my last attack and I finally passed him.

After I passed Salih, I needed to guard my position and when I saw the finish line all my team members were shaking their fists and were shouting to me. I shook my fist and shouted too…It was my best day. My eyes were full of tears because of happiness. “Ohh. It is finished son. Now we can drink champagne,” My father added.

“Yesssssss” I said to myself. Yes, it had finished and I had carried my first position in the seasion and now I finished the tough season in the first position and also I eliminated Salih.

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