January 23, 2008
By Keith Jost, Clayton, NC

Charlie ran down the hall to his first period class, Math. He ran inside the classroom and saw everyone was there reading their text books. Even his secret crush, Melisa was there. He sat down in his seat the cold desk stung his skin after being out on a hot California morning.

“You’re late… again!” said Mrs. Rockenheimer in her cold voice.

“You seriously expect a guy in ninth grade with an amazingly good D+ average to care about math?” said Charlie. He knew he was going to regret saying that but he always acted like a jerk in front of Melisa. He turned around and looked at her she scowled and gave him a silent raspberry.

“Yes I do, Mister Sheen” said Mrs. Rockenheimer.

“Crud!” whispered Charlie, “now Melisa thinks I’m a loser and Mrs. Rockenheimer hates my guts (there’s a surprise)”

“Yep she sure does, man” said Jake, Charlie’s best and most annoying friend.

“Shut up!” said Charlie, still whispering.

“Hey, you still crushin’ on what’s her face over there?”

“Her name is Melisa!” said Charlie as rage boiled inside him.

“Dude, she is so out of your league!”

“Shut up”


“I SAID … ‘SHUT UP!!!’” Charlie said just loud enough for the teacher (and the rest of the hallway) to here.

“Excuse me!” said Mrs. Rockenheimer in that cold and eerie voice of hers.

“AH MAAAN!” said Charlie.

“That’s five extra pages of homework, Charles” she said

“HEH HA HO!” laughed Jake.

“Just a moment, now, you were talking too.” The evil teacher said.

“What!” said Jake, as Charlie laughed.

She handed out the extra homework to the boys and the usual amount to the rest of the class. She then dismissed them for lunch.

“I hate you” said Charlie.

“Oh! Lighten up I can almost guarantee that it’s all easy.” Jake said. He looked at the first page and his face turned pale and grim. “Holy cow!” he yelled as he looked at it.

“I told you!” said Charlie slapping Jake on the back of his neck.

“Oww! It is like she actually thought we were paying a lick of attention to that stupid lecture! Look the first problem is … 7x1/2 – 300 + (-821) x 500-6 = F!” Jake said.

“She is evil!” said Charlie.

“NAW!” said Jake.

They stepped into the lunchroom and got in line. Charlie looked over at Melisa. She looked back and smiled and then waved like a flirt.

“She digs me” said Charlie.

“Yo ,Charlie, I know you aren’t exactly caught up in the times, but it isn’t the eighties. So start talking like the little white guy you are ‘kay?” Jake said sarcastically. Charlie looked back over at her and she gave him more raspberries.

“Dude she hates you” Charlie said to Jake.

They stood talking about stupid stuff for about five minutes (like: are tigers born with stripes or is Pluto a planet) before they got their food.

They sat down and stared at the strange government food.

“What the heck is it?” asked Charlie.

“The Menu said that it was chicken parmesan” Jake said.

“Dude, then why is it brown?” said Charlie.

“There are some things in this world that are better left alone.” Jake preached as he pushed away his tray.

“Amen, bro” said Charlie as he followed suit.

“Bzzzt! Hello students don’t forget about the dance on Friday!” said Principal Hassel over the intercom.

“Dude! There’s your chance!” said Jake.

“Yeah I’ll ask her tomorrow!” Charlie said.

The rest of the day went by normally. Charlie and Jake slept through second and fourth block. Jake drew stick figures fighting in third block while Charlie day dreamed. Jake guessed on the homework and Charlie didn’t even do it.
The next day Charlie skipped first period math and decided to go to the department store across the street instead. He stepped inside as a rush of the cold air blew into his face. He looked at all the signs with ads for cheesy and useless products, when his eye caught an ad for the new Laser Zombie Smash video game. He rushed strait for the electronics section.
He ran up to the clerk and asked for a copy of the game.
“Sorry dude we’re out, its stupid anyway.” Said the clerk.
“Dang!” said Charlie and he walked away.
He looked around and saw nothing more interesting than a movie he had seen five maybe six times. He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost lunchtime. He started to head back for the door when out of the corner of his eye he saw red glimmer. He looked and saw that it was a heart shaped box of cordial cherries. He picked it up and bought it. He didn’t even know if Melisa liked cordial cherries. He headed back to the school with the chocolate in his back pack.
Jake was walking to the lunchroom when he got a strange chill . He felt like someone was watching him. He jerked around and saw that it was nothing.
“AAUURGH!” yelled Jake as Charlie jumped from behind one of the lockers.
“HA HA!” laughed Charlie as Jake fell to the ground panting.
“Dude you stupid dip stick!” said Jake.
“You should have seen that stupid look on our face!!”
“Ho ho ho… stupid”
“Oh get over yourself” said Charlie as he helped Jake up from the ground.
“What was that for?” said Jake.
“I was bored”
“Say, where were you” said Jake.
“I was at the department store” Charlie replied.
They walked into the lunchroom and only talked about stupid stuff for two minutes before getting their ‘food’.

Today’s food was especially weird. The milk had ice in it like it had been frozen. The spaghetti was very, very chewy and the bread was like a brick. Charlie ate his ‘food’ and Jake just stared at his in disgust.
After lunch was a fifteen minute break. Charlie got out the chocolate and waited for Melisa to separate from her friends.
Melisa got up to through away a piece of paper and Charlie decided to make his move.
He walked up to her opened the chocolate and got on his knees.
“Will you go to the dance with me?” he said holding up the chocolate.
“Creep” Melisa said hitting the box of chocolates making them burst all over Charlie’s face. She walked off without another word.
Tears welled up in Charlie’s eyes as he got up and went into the bathroom. He turned the water on and wet his hands. He rubbed the sticky stuff off his face and shirt. He filled is hands with water and dunked his face in it . He then looked into the fogged mirror and saw the face of a loser and a jerk. Suddenly in the corner of is eye he saw the reflection of the urinal flooding. The water flowed onto the ground and froze into ice. He turned around real fast and saw that there was no water, no ice just a urinal.
Around fifteen minutes later he went into second block, life science. He sat and listened to Mr. Drash ask them about the essential question.
“Charlie, what is the definition of genetics?” Mr. Drash asked.
“Playing God” said Charlie with obvious sarcasm.
“Mr. Sheen… the real definition please” said Mr. Drash angrily.
“I don’t know. I don’t pay attention” Charlie said.
“Well since none of you seem to know the definition of genetics we will watch a video on this exciting subject!” Mr. Drash said. The entire class room moaned and groaned.
Mr. Drash popped in the video and turned on the television. Charlie got out a sheet of paper and started to draw. He drew a bunch of little stick men beating the snot out of each other. His hand drew furiously as the movie lulled on about how beneficial genetics could be.
Suddenly a chill ran down his spine. He looked up and saw that the room had icicles forming on the ceiling. He looked around as ice formed in the student’s hair. A cold and harsh wind blew through out the room. Snow blew around and melted on his skin. He looked around in the blizzard at the others and saw that they were still watching the TV like nothing was happening. Suddenly all the others looked at him as their eyes rolled back in their sockets.
“Charlie, Charlie, Charlie” they chanted in an eerie unison. Ice caked their eyes as their frozen skin crumpled into dust.
“Holy…” Charlie said as the skeletons reached for him.
“CHARLIE!!!” they screeched as they crumpled to dust.
“AAAAHHHH!!” Charlie screamed as the room faded back to its original state.
“Charlie are you okay?” Mr. Drash said staring down at him as were the other students.
“Can I go to the rest room” said Charlie. He needed to escape the glaring stares of the others.
“Yes you may” Mr. Drash said in shock. Charlie got up and ran out the door and into the bathroom. He turned to corner and rushed to the sink.
He turned the water on and washed his face as thoughts of Melisa swam in his head. He filled up his cupped hands and he felt a stinging sensation as the water froze. He slammed the ice ball to the ground and it smashed. He looked down at the sink and saw not water but slush pouring from the faucet. He looked in the mirror and saw that the urinals exploded spraying slurry everywhere. Slurry erupted from the toilets in the stalls as snow blew through the room. The ground was covered in a combination of snow, slurry, and water. The snow whirled around in the air and took the shape of a girl, a very familiar girl.
“Charlie” Melisa said as the ice set in her more fine details.
“Oh my…” Charlie whimpered as her eyes rolled back in their sockets.
“Charlie, Charlie, CHARLIE” she cried as her skin changed to dust in the wind. The skeleton reached for him, but Charlie was ready and kicked. Its head flew into the air and shattered on the icy floor. It wrapped its dead fingers around his neck…
Ten minutes later Mr. Drash was getting worried and sent Jake to go find Charlie.
Jake walked into the bathroom and saw Charlie curled up in the corner screaming his head off and his eyes rolled back.
“Charlie?” Jake said questioningly. He reached out to shake Charlie when…
“AAAAHHHH!” Charlie screamed as Jake’s hands touched his shoulders. Charlie rolled over and puked. “Call my mom” he said.
Fifteen minutes later Charlie’s mother picked him up. He got in the van and closed his eyes trying not to think about ice or Melisa.
When they arrived at the house Charlie’s mother led him to his room and laid him in his bed. Charlie still trying not to think of Melisa fell asleep…
Charlie woke up to a chill. He was in his bed but not his room. He threw the covers off and got out of bed. Everywhere there was snow and large protrusions of ice. He walked around half snow blind in the frozen wasteland.
He had run into one of the protrusions and his nose was now bleeding but the blood froze before it dribbled down to his chin. He wiped the snow from the protrusion not noticing that ice was forming on his leg. Inside the ice block was the body of Melisa. The ice was now up to his waist.
“Charlie, wake up” Said his moms’ voice from nowhere.
“MOM HELP!!” Charlie screamed as the ice reached his throat. He had now realized that he could never be helped. He had trapped himself in depression and despair. He was neither dead nor alive on the outside but in an endless coma. The ice reached the top of his head and he froze.

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