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July 29, 2008
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I chose to write this chapter because I felt that there are many people who would like to know “How do I start fashion designing?” Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s no need for anymore wondering. Fashion designing is a great hobby as well as a great career. You can receive a high income from being a professional fashion designer. I’m going to show you some of the many ways why fashion designing is great!

Why fashion designing?
Fashion designing is fun, creative, and unique. It helps you to show who you really are. For example: You design an outfit. That outfit tells who you are, what you like, where you are going, and what you believe in. If your outfit doesn’t tell those things then it’s time for a change.
Take a look at an outfit I’ve designed:

That outfit tells a lot about me, like: what I wear, how like to dress, and many other things. Fashion designing can change your whole life, whether you know it or not!

How to get started?
First of all, to be a fashion designer you have to love fashion. So, here are some steps to being a great and successful fashion designer.

You have to have a passion for fashion!

You must know what type of fashion you’re into (for example: Men’s fashion, Women’s fashion, Plus sized women’s fashion, Unisex fashion, Etc)

You would need to be creative, so that you can have interesting fashions that people would like to buy.

You should be able to sew. If you can’t sew try to have someone teach you (My dad taught me how to make a patch pocket, I’ll give you some steps too)

You need to have a sewing machine.

Even if what you designed doesn’t look right try over and over.

H0w to make pockets n things
Pockets are useful and can add a decorative touch to any garment, or can be added to a cloth handbag. Many different kinds and sizes can be made, once you know the basics of pocket making. In this project, we'll cover one of the most basic of all - the Patch Pocket.

For a good looking patch pocket all edges must be true and even. To achieve this it is a good idea to make a pattern for the pocket. After cutting out the pocket, cut two or three small notches on each of the rounded corners of the pocket so the seam will lie flat (Figure 1). Turn and press all edges of the pocket and baste if necessary (Figure 2).

To be certain of getting the right angles folded under on a pocket, you could make a cardboard pattern the "actual" pocket size (Figure 3). Place the cardboard pattern on top of the pocket piece and press the seam allowances over the cardboard edge. You can add a decorative trim to the top of the pocket by sewing four or five rows of stitching (Figure 4), or by adding seam binding to the top edge after it is turned, but before attaching it to the garment.

To attach the pocket to the garment you can stitch close to the edge or up to 1/4" away from the outside edges, whichever you would prefer.

This is some info from patternsthatfityou.com
Making your own skirt pattern is probably the easiest of all patterns to make. Whether you wear plus size clothing, petite size clothing, or anything in between, this online sewing class is perfect for you. With just five simple measurements and the step by step instructions included with this class, you can make an entire wardrobe of skirts. You will learn how to make virtually every style of skirt, including gathered waists, waists with darts and pleats, and the ever popular split skirts. Best of all, they will all fit perfectly because you’ll be using YOUR OWN MEASUREMENTS for each pattern! This sewing class consists of five complete lessons. Each lesson has step by step instructions with illustrations and diagrams that go along with the instructions. You receive each of the online sewing lessons immediately after purchase!

have Goals!

You must have goals in order to become a fashion designer. If you want to go far with fashion here are some tips : Try to show many people your designs. That way you can get noticed as a great fashion designer. Go to college, preferably a college just for fashion. Aim high and don’t forget to do your best!

Remember to have fun!
Remember to have fun with fashion. You can start a fashion club for people who love fashion as much as you do. In your club you can talk about why fashion is fun. You can design fashions, sew, even help other people learn how to sew and design fashions. You can even enter your designs in competitions to win prizes and awards! I really love fashion and I hope you love fashion as much as I do.

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