Why I Woke Up so Early

July 29, 2008
I have never been a morning person, and so I rely completely on my alarm clock to wake me up for school, so it was quite a surprise when I woke up late this morning. To begin with, I realized my alarm had not rung. Rushing out of my warm bed, I ran over to the pink-and-brown alarm clock on my cherry wood desk and started shaking it. All of a sudden it started ringing! Consequently, I dropped the clock on the floor, where it soon fell into pieces. Following that, I dropped onto my hands and knees and started to gather all the pieces together, hoping I could fix it. A while later, I stood up in frustration, threw the pieces I had found onto my bed, and started to place them together, hoping to be able to fix the clock, as it was a prized gift from my grandmother. Ultimately, I decided to ask my father to fix it later, and so I left it piled up on my bed over my blue-and-purple striped blanket.
Next, I decided to change clothes before I headed downstairs to check what time it was. Strolling across the room to the closet, I suddenly remembered that I had just bought some new clothes the day before and had meant to wear them to show my friends today at school. From this point, I ran back to my bed and peeked underneath, expecting the clothes to be underneath. I pawed through all the clothes that had been placed under my bed to find that my new dress and sweater were not there. Subsequently, I backed out from under my bed, losing my balance as I did so, ultimately forcing myself to roll backwards into my wooden desk chair. Rubbing my head, I stood up, hoping that the bruise was not obvious. Next, I strode over to my dresser to inspect the damage done. Finding a slight bruise, I finally started to open the drawers and found my new clothes in the drawer where I placed my new clothes.

Following that, I rushed to the bathroom that I shared with my sister and showered very quickly in cold water, just to wake up, as I was still falling asleep. After that, I changed into my new outfit as quickly as possible. Next, I adjusted my light pink polka-dot dress and white hoodie. I decided to complete the outfit with a black hand-crocheted belt, a pair of white fur boots, and a few chunky bracelets. Later, I decided to clean the bathroom sink, as that was my chore. Taking care not to touch the bleach, I disinfected the sink marble sink and tidied up around it. At last, I remembered I had not washed today. I rubbed on a face wash that claimed it could wake me up and brushed my teeth at the same time. When I finished with that, I ran a brush through my hair. Ultimately, my sister knocked impatiently on the door, demanding me to open the door and exit the bathroom, as she wanted to use it now.
Next, I trudged down the stairs to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. Following this, I was greeted by my mother, who asked me what I was doing up so early in the morning. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was a quarter past six—only a half hour until my classes started. Baffled by what my mother meant, I told her I had school today. Following this, my mother glanced at me quizzically and then started to laugh. At last my father entered the room and, noticing that my mother's face was red from laughing so much, asked me why my mother was laughing so much. I shrugged, bewildered. Consequently, my mother reminded me that it was not a school day, and that it was the fourth of July. To conclude, I trudged back up the stairs and into my room, changed back into nightclothes, and plopped back into bed, ready to fall back to sleep. I told you I was not a morning person!

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