November 30, 2012
We’re almost 5,000 miles away—following detour signs, missing exits, and doing u-turns. Add in a German-speaking GPS, subtract language comprehension and what do you get? Confusion.

After endless kilometers of travel, McDonald’s was a safe haven. And seeing a Big Mac on the menu made the stop even more exciting—just because I finally knew what I was ordering. Since lemonade wasn’t an option in Germany, I resorted to orange juice and—being the American that I am—I guzzled it immediately and asked for a refill. So what happened next? Confusion.
Long story short, they don’t do refills—well—they do for a couple Euros. Anyway, as we continued through the streets of Germany, I found myself filled with my grandparent’s stories, reminded every day of how different we grew up. But, reminiscing and remembering are completely different. Like, trying to locate a hangout that was popular more than fifty years ago is quite the task. Plus the city has changed significantly. This led to more—you guessed it—Confusion.
Even after German-speaking GPS’s, no refills at McDonald’s, and relocated hangouts, Germany wasn’t too bad. Misunderstandings were the theme of the trip, but being uncomfortable with the situation made it bearable and a memory engraved into my brain. That—is definitely one thing I’m not confused about.

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