December 6, 2007
By Jackie Spivey, La Mesa, CA

On day you walk out of the dentist's office and there they are, braces. No one really gets how it works, guling little pieces of metal on a tooth, connecting them together with a long wire, and securing them with tinly, colorful rubber bands, but everyone knows it works.

When you first get them on you feel like you have a mouth full of broken glass that pinch and poke your cheeks. Some poeple get them off after two years; some people never have to get them at all. Me, I'm never getting mind off. They have become a part of my mouth, and the dentist can't seem to relieve me of the growth I have obtained. Twenty-two little monsters that snatch food and store it for the winter ahead. They mask your teeth and make them appear smaller then they really are, and if they ever get tanken off, they leave a slimy trail behind that takes weeks to get used to, like a snial marking it's rock with a trail of mucus.

Some people try to look on the bright side, once there off, your done forever, and you have beautiful teeth; The truth, you get a retainer for the rest of your life.

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