Puppy Adventure

December 6, 2007
By Gabriell Miller, Albrightsville, PA

The car zoomed across the dusty, private road. Squeals of excitement filled the car as the passengers waited impatiently to exit the moving vehicle.

“Are we there yet?” complained my annoying siblings. “This is taking forever!”

“We’ll get there soon enough,” whined my mom, who was annoyed with all of the commotion.

Finally, the car emerged into my mom’s friend’s driveway. Immediately after our green mini van gradually came to a complete stop, the van’s sliding door flung open and the anxious bunch of shoving children piled out.

Then, there they were. Before us were two adorable black Springer Spaniels were wrestling on the soft green grass; each of them were barking gleefully. Behind them dashed a third black and white little puppy that immediately jumped on his brother and sister, as if they were a bouncy trampoline. As the three puppies played while colliding into one another, my siblings and I practically sprinted toward them. Grabbing their attention, they dashed towards us like a professional runner stretching their way to the finish line.

The air was filled with shouts of joy as we rolled around with the gorgeous puppies. The charming puppies drenched our faces with thousands of wet, slobbery kisses. The black and white Springer Spaniel, who was called Misfit at the time, plopped on to his back and held his paws up that dangled in the air. “You want your belly rubbed, don’t you little puppy,“ I said. Misfit yelped with excitement as my hands stroked his spotted tummy. He was as relaxed as a retired man lazily flipping channels with his remote. My face was full of puppy breath as he yawned up a storm directly into my face. Then, PLOP! Misfit was soon sprawled across my lap and was fast asleep. Tiny snores echoed throughout the yard as the other little puppies continued their fun.

Gazing up at my mom, I put on the cutest face that I could; my eyes were as wide as I could have them. My mother, giving in, bent down to examine my choice.“ So you think that he is the one?“

Admiring the sweet content face of the puppy, I nodded and replied,“Yes, mom. He is the perfect one for us. Just perfect.“

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