Love, a New Experience

December 3, 2007
His brown eyes gazed intensely upon me and into my soul, admiring me as if I were a grand piece of art. His strong arms were gently embracing me, as if never to let go. His lips delicately brushed against mine. I then laid my head upon his chest, listening to the rhythm of his heart beating in unison with my own. As if they were two drums synchronizing together telling a story through the song of love. It was then I realized that there was a connection. A connection so strong, it was almost indestructible. This was not only a connection of the heart but also our souls. As though it was my soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in his. It was love.
Romeo and Juliet had it, so much that they literally died for each other. Edward and Bella –from the Twilight series- had it, for Bella was willing to sacrifice everything she knew and loved just to be with him and Edward was willing to sacrifice everything - even his love for her- for her safety and happiness. But what is love? Some people would say it is true happiness; others say it is a friendship so strong that they become inseparable. Some say love is pain. Love doesn’t have an exact definition because it is merely an abstract feeling; it ultimately comes down to each individual’s own perception. What ever the case may be, I understood that the feeling I felt was love. So many people would say that what I was feeling was “puppy love” yet still it was love, and like Romeo and Juliet or Edward and Bella, I now have experienced love too.
This sensation was completely new to me. There aren’t enough words in the world that can describe the feelings that I felt for him. He has given me strength when I am vulnerable, warmth when I am bitter, peace when I am in an uproar and confidence when I am insecure. He is my light and shield through a world full of darkness. Not only is he there to love me, but also to guide me, support me, and be there for me anytime I needed him. His beautiful smile and benign laughter has always brightens up my spirit. Butterflies flutter in my stomach whenever he serenades to me. His tender touch quickens the beat of my heart to the point that it feels like it has skipped a beat. When he says, “I love you.” I understand that he truly means it because after all we have been through, the magnificent times to the times of hardship; he has always been by my side; as a boyfriend and best friend.
As much as I yearn that our relationship was fairytale-like -the prince awakens the princess with a single kiss and they live happily ever after- I understand that living in reality is completely different. For there are adversities, heartbreak, lack of trust, and arguments and more and I have experienced most. For instance both parents did not want us to be together, they both had made rigorous threats to the point that his parents were ready to send him back to Paris and mine were ready to take away all that I wanted (like my license, car, concert tickets that I have been waiting a whole year to get, etc.) Yet we still cannot find the strength and reason to leave each other. Furthermore he has put me in states of depression numerous times throughout our relationship, but the event that affected me the most was when he left for Paris. Because of money trouble (he left his parents house because of the threats and became homeless) he was planning to go to Paris to ask family for help but then suddenly he actually decided to stay in Paris until he graduates. It broke my heart especially when I actually repeated the words “ he’s gone” out loud after his plane took off; for it was then I realized I might never see him again. I was depressed for a lengthy time until he called saying he was coming back because he could not stand being without me. Moreover rumors has cause a lot of tension between us, because people has said he has cheated on me (with further investigation I had found out that they were just mere rumors), yet we would argue, there were times I would actually think of breaking up with him or we would not talk with each other. But it the end we have forgiven each other and learned to trust each other even more.
This experience was a major journey for me, a journey of life and love. It was a process of learning and growing too. I have learned to love, not only him but also myself, to trust, and to forgive. With this new knowledge I have felt like I have grown and matured and I owed that to him. “Life is a journey of experiences, and in this journey we meet many people each day. Some we forget the next moment, BUT some we cherish throughout our lives. It is these people who give a 'true meaning' to our lives!!" said an anonymous author.

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