Aye, Aye Captain

December 2, 2007
By Cheyenne Gillett, Yorba Linda, CA

As soon as my grandfather walks down those stairs the room is filled with his heavy, musty cologne. He’s dressed in a gray zoot suit and a chain is hanging out of his pocket. As soon as I saw that feather sticking out of his hat I exploded with laughter. "Grandpa you look very dashing tonight," I said trying to hold down a chuckle. "Let’s go," he said. "Aye, aye captain," I blurted out.

We are heading to a granddaughter, grandfather dance. As soon as we walk through those doors the swing music explodes in my ears. Grandpa is so anxious to show off his moves that he practically drags me to the dance floor. He immediately starts doing some awkward looking moves that would make anyone laugh. He shakes his finger back and forth and did a sad attempt at shaking his hips. He tries to teach me some moves but ends up just scarring my feet for life. "Whoa, whoa grandpa you don’t want to break a hip, you’re almost eighty," I tried to say as non insulting as possible. "I guess you’re right, let’s go sit," He said with a disappointing voice.

"I am glad we got to do this together grandpa," I said. "Me too sweetie," grandpa said. "So how’s my dancing," He said with a questioning voice? "Well…. Well you’re "enthusiastic," I chuckled. He let out that deep chuckle that I knew so well. He smiled at me. I knew that smile better that anyone because I have that same smile. It’s a half smile, but you add an extra twinkle in your eyes. Huh-oh I thought. That means one thing. He’s up to something. He took out a comb and brushed his hair over to one side like he’s done as long as I’ve known him. He gets up and disappears into the crowd.

Next thing I knew he’s on stage directing the band. I almost started crying because he got the band to play my song. I just stared at him swinging his arms and hips in front of the band. All I could get out of my mouth was, "That’s my captain." We danced all night. We finally got too tired to dance and decided to call it a night.

On the way home he says, "I think I found my new career, swing dancing." I let out a tired giggle. "I think you should stick to being a captain," I whispered. We got home and grandpa said, "You go right to sleep." "Aye, aye captain," I murmured.

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