Getting Into a Fight

November 19, 2007
When I was in 5th grade my friend Taylor and I got in this huge fight. It was not just any fight that we could for get the next day it was a fight that would stay with us if we think about it. The reason that we got in this fight was because she was mad at me for me talking about her to one of my friends Elise. This guy was walking in the halls and I was I guess talking kind of loud and he was like are you talking about Taylor and she heard me say yes.
So when we had a bathroom break we just started screaming at each other she was so mad at me for talking about her. So I just start crying. Like 3 weeks after we were best friends and the whole school knew that we were best friends in the beginning so they were really shocked about us fighting, they knew we were best friends and they were like surprised that we were fighting for so long.
It was pain I thought to my self I hated that we were fighting so I was so glad that we are not fighting any more I was just talking to her we had this long talk and we said sorry to each other and moved on with our life. Now we are the best of friends we cheer together and we talk all the time if we have any problems we can talk it out with each other. When we were in 5th grade we promised that we would never fight like that EVER again! And since that day we have never fought and we are so happy. Every time when we think of that fight we just laugh about it and we can not believe we fought over that. It was kind of dumb but I so understand why she got mad at me because I was talking about her behind her back.

I was so sorry I was like saying I will give you anything just I want us to move on with our life and be best friends like we always have been! Now we are in high school and cheerleading and she is a flyer and I am a base I have to base her and I think if we got in a fight I would want to drop her and she would not feel safe with me when we are mad so I am hoping we don’t get in a fight!

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