Please Pull the Car Over

November 8, 2007
Whoop; whoop, “Please pull the car over”
“Dang Carlton, I told you to slow down but no don’t listen to the smart one.” I thought I would be off the chain if the police search the car but then I realized that I did not have my license or registration, Carlton, Tanja, or Trevor didn’t have theirs either. The whole time I thought to myself, “Please do not let us go to jail tonight”. My life flashed before my eyes, I remembered where and when I was born. I remember when I broke my thumb. Then it got to the point where I was sweating so hard you would swear I was in the pool. Right before the police got to the car me and Carlton switched places because it was my car. I started hearing this voice in my head, not knowing what it was until he out the flashlight in my face.
Officer Bilkowski was a white male, with long blonde hair and a matching beard. He was quite old with a few wrinkles in his face and he had some devilish blue eyes that could slice right through your soul.
“License and registration please”!
“Who me?” I asked.
“Yes you, now license and registration please”.
“Oh sir, I don’t have it on me, and neither do they have theirs.”
“Whose car is this?” he demanded
“Step out of the car and put your hands behind your back, all of you”! Before we got out the car Carlton asked him “Why are you still searching me”. He replied,
“I always search suspicious suspects.”
As I got out of the car, I gave Carlton an “I want to fight you look” but he just looked away. While the police was searching us, Trevor kept giving me the look as if he wanted to run away. Trevor began to sweat as if he was playing basketball.
“We could do this the easy way or the hard way”. The officer explained.
“What’s the easy way sir, asked Tanja.
“Just do as I say,” screamed Officer Bilkowski.
As we sat on the curb, Tanja’s eyes became grey and cloudy as if they were storm clouds. She began to think about all the things she could have done instead of coming with us. She was preaching about how her grandmother was going to kill her if she found out. Her grandmother would never trust her again. Trevor on the other hand tried to run but the police caught him, slung him around, threw him down, sprayed him with mace, and put him in the car forcefully.
The police put us in the car immediately and sped off no questions asked. Once we arrived downtown, we were all split up into different cells and we had to stay over night. I was placed in a cell with a bum. He was the funkiest, dirtiest, and the drunkest person I have ever met. That was more terrifying than being in jail. He kept talking to me with his unbearable breath telling me how he got in a fight with another bum over a basket. I thought I was going die. There I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, afraid to go to sleep because I did not feel comfortable around Earl, well that is what he thought his name was.
When morning came around the guards approached my cell and wanted me to come with them to the front office to meet up with Carlton.
“So how was your night Carlton?”
“Man, I was in there with two old broke down men who looked like they had been in there forever,” whispered Carlton in an unhappy way because we were not suppose to be talking.
“Well at least you weren’t in a cell with a funky bum, shoot you had it easy”.
After that, my mother came to get me. On the way home my mother did not do to much talking, she just said, “Don’t let this happen again”. I know in the inside that she was very upset. Me being me I don’t get in trouble so that’s why I think she gave me my car keys and took me to my car. I have not seen too much of my friends until school started. We do not have any hard feelings to each other but now we all learned a lesson, don’t drive stupid without a license or you will see flashing lights.

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