10th of September, Grandparents Day

November 7, 2007
In another’s eyes it was a regular day but to me one year ago changed my life.
It was the 10th of September, Grandparents Day. I was getting ready to call one of my best friends to ask her what she was going to wear to school the next day. I was looking for the phone, since my dad had taken the one I had a in my room away. I kept searching for it but it was no use. So I went to the kitchen where I could page it. As I reached the kitchen my mom asked me if I had the phone. I said “no mom I’m looking for it!” She told me to give it to her when I’d find it, because she needed to call her friend quickly. I pressed the Page button and yelled to my mom” can you hear the phone?” “NO!” she yelled and as she said that I looked down and there was this red little light flashing that said” In Use” who could possibly be using the phone? My mom and I were usually the only one to use it. So I told my mom, and she looked at my confused. She walked to my room and look around. “Where’s your phone?” she asked. I told her my dad took it away.

That’s when she started to panic lie she knew something was wrong. She told me to look for a phone. My Grama came out of her room with a phone on her hand, everything was happening so fast. I remember my mom plugging in the phone… and just listening, in the distance I heard a recognized love song. My heart started beating faster, faster than I thought was possible. I looked into my mother’s eyes, which were filled with confusion. In the middle of the song my father’s voice appeared “Do you understand what the song is saying?” a women voice replied “Yes” “well everything it says its dedicated to you” my fathers voice said with such a charming tone. He didn’t know those word would play over and over again in his daughter’s mind and would change this little girl forever. Everything became a blur, I remember walking really fast behind my mom. She walked outside where my father’s was, she yelled to him to get inside quick. He walked right by me and stood there for about five seconds, and as he was getting ready to leave. I jerked his shirt and looked at him in the eye and all saw was betral. I couldn’t believe it, this was like a horrible nightmare but the worst part was that this time I wouldn’t be able to wake up from it.

I didn’t know weather to hate my dad or not. But how could I possibly hate the man that I’ve loved all this years. A man that was my everything, he was my hero. For the next couple of weeks, I didn’t know what to do. My parents were yelling at each other all the time. And when my dad tried to talk to me or give a hug I would just walk away or just yell at him. I had no respect for him. My life was going on by fast, I wasn’t living my life, just going through it. I had become a careless person.

But on November the 8th some one cut my eye. It was a new guy in school. It was weird how someone had actually gotten my attention, in between all of this confusion. I didn’t say much about him. My friends disliked him so I just kept my mouth shut. Time passed by and things were still the same at home and at school. But then one day I heard the new guy Christopher liked me, I didn’t get my hope up. For all I could know this could be just another rumor.

On December I tried to change, because I had been moping around for almost three months. My parents had become whatever to me, and I had changed from a little girl to a rebel. So I demanded my dad to have a Christmas party, I didn’t ask him for his permission, I just told him I wanted one. My mother of course agreed, she would agree with anything that would that would be contrary of what my father said. So I handed out invitations, I invited Christopher, I took a chance. My life couldn’t screw up anymore than it already was. All of my friends had date , and just 5 days before the party Christopher called and asked me if I wanted to be his date. I thought this would be fun I liked him but I thought this would be just another cute guy.

The party day was here, I tried to have a good time. And believe me I was acting like I was because I couldn’t let my dad see how sad I actually was. Christopher came to the party but I didn’t get to spend too much time with him because I had to welcome other guest and friends. At the end of the party, he was sitting there in my living room all by himself. Since he was new at school he didn’t have that much friends. And besides that everybody else was gone. He was there quietly, my mom was sitting close to him but when she saw me she left. I smiled and look at him, studied him carefully. He didn’t seem like just another cute face anymore, I knew that behind those beautiful eyes was something special. I stared at him mysteriously, wondering what it was that attracted me to him. As I reached him, he looked at me nervously and giggled. I sat next to him and started talking. I felt so comfortable with him even though I hadn’t known him for that long, somehow inside I trusted him. I had had lots of trouble trusting people after what happen. But by the end of that night I had told him what was going on in my life and what had happened with my family. It was amazing how he had listen through everything I said without say one word, and looked at me right in the eye and in a way I knew he understood what I was going through. After that night I knew there was something special between us.

More time passed by and I hated my father more with each passing day. I couldn’t stand knowing he was still living with us and seeing her. There came a time when my mother even gave him the chance to leave her and stay with us and start clean. But no, he said “NO” he wouldn’t leave her. He said he was in love with her. I thought that was the stupidest mistake my father ever made. But that when we knew there was no going back and we had to tell my little brother the truth about everything.

It was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever had to expriance. How do you tell a seven year old little boy that his daddy is in love with another women? I remember sitting my little brother in my mom’s bed, he looked so small compared to the huge bed. How could such a fradial little creature compeheand what was going on? My mother explained to my little brother what was happening. He told us how he had seen my dad with another women, but my father had told him that it was just one of his cusins. Another lie I thought another one of his stupid lies. My mother kept explaining to him and as she told him that my dad had the chance to chose between her and us. My father walked in the bedroom door. He look at my mother and me questioning what we were doing. My mom told my brother and me to leave so she could talk to my dad. So I carried my little brother to my room and turned on the T.V.

There was this video on called “Daddy’s Little Girl” by Frankie J, I listen to it. The lyrics it said fit perfectly to the situation I was in. Tears rolled down my cheeks I didn’t want to cry, I was suppose to be a big girl now, but the sadness told over me took over me. As I cried my little brother jumped on my bed. I yelled to him to “Stop!” he looked at my surprised and kneeled down beside me. He put his tiny hands over my cheeks, then looked at my with assured little eyes and a smile on his face and said “don’t worry daddy is going to pick us”. That’s when my heart broke, how could I explain to my little bother that I already knew that my dad had chosen her? I took his two tiny hands and as I did I heard my mother calling us back to the bedroom. I got him down the bed and took his hand as we walked through the long cold hallway to face reality. I saw my father sitting in the bed tears filled his eyes. He took my brother and sat him in his lap. He also explained how he had the chance to choose between her and us, as he finished the sentence. My little brother looked at my dad in the eye, with a happy smile in his face and said “Right you’re going to pick us daddy”. The room was silent, I felt my heart stop for a second. My father said nothing. I yelled to my father to tell him the truth, and as he did my little bother fell in silence. He just sat there and started moving away from my father and towards my mother. He just sat there for about five minutes, without moving or saying a word. Then after a while he started to cry, he cried so much, with such misery. That night we all fell asleep five in the morning. My little bother changed, he now too disliked my father. We were all living hell.

But on January 11th everything changed. I made the greatest decision ever. Christopher asked me to be his girlfriend, I didn’t know what to say. At 1st I was scared, what if all men are the same I thought to myself. But as that thought flowed into my mind, another one popped into it. My mother’s words “don’t let the fear of striking keep you from playing the game”. I thought about it for a while, something inside me told me to take a chance, and I did. I said “yes!” After that I stopped thinking about what was going on at home. It had become really had living with two people that hated each other and a little boy who had turned bitter and cold. There was times when even my friends had become isolated from me. At that point in my life I didn’t care what anybody thought about me.

But on April 20th on a Friday, my mom had gone off to Houston for the weekend for a job thing. That’s the weekend my father chose to induce her to me. That day after school he told me to get ready because we were going to go buy pizza and were going to the park to eat. I looked at him confused, the park? I hadn’t gone to the park with my dad since I was around six or seven years old. Then I got it, I asked him who was coming and he said She was coming. I really wasn’t surpised, I kind of knew this was coming. I got really nervous, the good thing was that Christopher was there with me. I told him about it and he just took my hand and told me everything was going to be okay. I called my friends to see if they wanted to come with me too but they told me they were busy. Because I knew that if I was by myself with her I would try to knock the hell out of her. I hated her, I had had so many plans to what I would do when I met her. But when I did, it was totally different from what I expected to be. I remember her getting in my dads in the back seat, because I was in the front seat and I did not intend to move for her. As she got in the car I pulled down the sun visor which I could see her through the mirror. I looked at her, stared at her but she looked away. She didn’t have the courage to look at me because she knew she had done something shameful. We got down from the car and sat down in one of the tables. Chrsitopher sat next to me, on the other side she sat in front of me and my dad next to her. I looked around I saw the beautiful sky just as the sun was getting ready to set colors mixed sky as the would in a beautiful painting. I got up from the table and walked towards the swings. I sat in one of them, the breeze of the wind brushed agaist my cheek and hair, as I remember what it was like when I was just a little girl I could never get the swing to start moving by myself. And my father always told me “ I will always be here to give my little give a push” as I held that thought in my head.

I felt someones hands right behind me, to give me my 1st push. I couldn’t believe my father hands had still given me my the 1st push I had been needing. My eyes filled with tears. But as I turned to look at my father to my surpise I found someone else. It wasn’t my father it was Christopher. I couldn’t it he had given me my 1st push, he was the one to help me out of all of this mess, he was the one stop from doing lots of stupid things I would have regret later. And as he looked at me his eyes looked as beautiful as an angels would coming down from heaven. He looked at me with such love in his eyes, that’s when he said “ you know I will always be here for you, and I want you to know that I love you”. I tippy-toed and whisper in his ear, that I loved him too. He hugged me tightly, I felt really tiny in his arms, I cried. But once again he told me everything will be okay. I looked pass his shoulder and saw my dad and her. He was holding her hand, then he looked at me and called me. Christopher cleaned the tears of my cheeks , and gave me a slight kiss on the forehead. When we reached the table my dad asked chris to help him get something out of the car, so they walked off. Which left me and her alone. She didn’t say one word until I had the courage to say to her “ can I ask you a question?” “yes” she said without looking at me. “ do you love my father?” she breath in deeply as her eyes got watery then looked at me straight in the eye and said” more than anything in this world” I told her that if she was lieing to me or if she ever hurt my dad, then I would make sure that payback would be worse for her. She told me she could never do that. My dad was coming back, with a smile in his face. That’s when I dicided to forgive is to love, and deep down inside I did love my dad. On june the 18th , a day after fathers day, my dad left the house. I gave him a tight hug and asked him if he was sure of what he was doing. He said yes, so I let him go. A slight kiss on the cheek I gave to my dad as I let go of all the anger inside of me. I stood on my driveway as I watch him drive off in to his new life. I didn’t cry, because I knew everything was going to be okay, Chris was right . and just like any other storm, after it comes the peace and serene. One year after everything happened here I am. All I cared about last year was having the best clothes and shoes. Now I know there's so much more to life than having the material stuff, because everything in the world you want, but you cant always buy what you need, to be happy. And now I am happy to say I have everything a need I have a way better relationship with my dad. I see him every weekend. My friends are awesome, we have so much fun together. My mom has become one of my best friends. And the person that helped me the most through out this situation, the person who is my buddy, my playmate, my best friend, my other half, and still mostly my superman, till this day is still here to give me my 1st push when I need it. So in another's eyes it was a regular day but to me, that day changed my life.

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