Snageta Made My Life Evolve

November 7, 2007
By Kevin Matyi, Schenectady, NY

Snageta has always been a good friend to me. Even though it is just an imaginary snake it has been with me in one way or another since I was about four. When I lived in Wisconsin (ages 0-5), I pictured it as a heavily armored, huge snake. When in Maryland, (ages 5-10) I pictured it as a stereotypical light-green snake with matching wings. In my current house, (New York, ages 10-12) I have imagined it as a Black Mamba with matching wings (Black Mamba: A fairly large, extremely venomous snake). I will now tell you about how Snageta has changed my life over the years.

I created the original Snageta in Wisconsin (as stated above). I created it as an armored snake. I have yet to figure out what caused me to think of it in the beginning but I’m pretty sure that I just saw it in a dream one night (no really, I’m not kidding). That dream sparked my interest in reptiles. That interest split into two different interests. One was my interest in dinosaurs. Some examples for that are T.Rex and Velociraptor. The other was my interest in dragons, which spread much more slowly than the other. An example for that are the evil European dragons. After the dream of Snageta (which at that time wasn’t even named) I at least came close to completely forgetting about it for the next three to four years.

The transition between Wisconsin and Maryland is close to the only thing about Wisconsin that I remember. I was so young at the time that I don’t remember much else. I do remember that my dad was working in the University of Wisconsin. Then he got a job opportunity for something in Maryland. That was a job offered by a place called The National Institute of Standards and Technology (more commonly referred to as NIST). The details are bleary to me, but he took the job.

When my dad took the job we (of course) went to Maryland. The next time something really important in my life happened was about three years later. I was able to find out a lot more about reptiles, including snakes (this is all thanks to my interests in dragons and dinosaurs). At that time, my dragon interest was slowly expanding and has expanded to all dragons. From what I now know, that was probably because of my sister. At the time, we could not only be within ten feet of each other but she was also really into mythical creatures and was searching a lot on them herself. My dinosaur interest, though, was expanding extremely fast.

Meanwhile, Snageta had started to come back. One day I was just lounging in my room listening to music when a heavily armored snake just popped into my head. For two reasons I decided to remodel it. One, because it just didn’t seem correct or it seemed too imaginary. Two, I had absolutely nothing better to do.

Snageta was also changing in different ways. One way was that it was starting to gain new forms that it could change into at will. I now call these “The evolutions”. Only a few had formed, but many were to come. My last year or two in Maryland, I had a new desire to draw things like the evolutions. At this point I was thinking of drawing Snageta, but I wasn’t able to at the time (I had no idea how to draw). I was also starting to get another idea in my mind, an odd blue salamander.

During the transition between Maryland and New York, I was developing Snageta and its evolutions. At this point, I was making it into a more life-like snake by using my knowledge of snakes. I was turning it into something that would be a bit more subtle in real life. I also gave it more fantasy characteristics by giving it horns, spikes, fangs, and the ability to breathe fire. Along with that, I had gotten the idea of an odd blue salamander that I decided to name Sninghoo.

Over the past two and a half years, things have started to come together. My dragon interest has not only extended to all mythical creatures but also has replaced dinosaurs as my most focused interest. My dinosaur interest has declined dramatically. It was more of a side interest now (being replaced by an interest in astronomy). My astronomy interest is expanding quickly but not as quickly as the mythical creature interest. My drawing desire has turned into more of a hobby now. I’m not that good at it but I still like doing it.

With my drawing, since originally learning how to draw, all that I’ve drawn are freehand Snageta evolutions. At absolute most, I’m going to draw up to the fourth generation of Snageta evolutions.

Snageta and Sninghoo each have their own evolutions. Snageta’s were based on the more classic types. Its evolutions are: fire, water, earth, air, dark, and light. I made Sninghoo’s when my astronomy interest appeared. The evolutions of Sninghoo are only half of Snageta’s. They are: dimension, time, and space.

I originally planed to give Snageta and Sninghoo evolutions that went into the tenth generations. As in with Snageta it would have six starter evolutions. Each of them would branch off another six, each of those would branch off another six, etc. once it got up to doing that ten times it was calculated at having seventy and a half million evolutions. So, I cut it down to four generations of evolutions for both Snageta and Sninghoo. But to keep in mind the original idea, I’m giving them both evolutions where the evolutionary chain is the same evolutions ten times over (as in a straight-to-the-tenth evolution)

Snageta and Sninghoo have also given me a job opportunity. I have unknowingly given them the perfect card game setup. Think about it: I have two starter creatures, they each have different evolutions, they are both have weapons, I have created a planet and regions for them, I’ve made an entire solar system for them, and I like drawing them and their evolutions.

So, Snageta has been the root of most of my current interests. It has helped me through a lot of changing situations. It’s always been a good friend. It has appeared out of my mind throughout my life. Finally, both Snageta and Sninghoo will always be with me one way or another.

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