Fairy Tales Are Fake

November 7, 2007
By Kali Cavanagh, Albany, NY

"You’ve got your stupid friends I know what they say, they tell you I’m difficult but so are they. But they don’t even know me, do they even know you? Lets talk this out it’s not like we’re dead. Was it something you did? Was it something I said"?"Don’t leave me hanging in a city so dreaded", Hanging up so high, on such a breakable thread.”Avril Lavigne may be the only person living in realtiy. It seriosuly Bites. Welcome, to Middle School. So far 7th grade has been the worst school year of them all. Not literally just honestly. The people here can’t handle living here after all my Barbie dolls were more real then some of these kids.

On the first day of sixth grade, I met Courteney B. She was and still is one of my best friends. Actually…I guess I can consider her practically a sister by now. I tell her a lot, but no one knows everything about me. Through most eyes, kids have it easy, through our eyes we don’t get anything without a fight. It’s not like we take care of things down town Albany style, but usually we just argue until we get our way. Only that’s wear friendships end. And rivalries start.
My parents decided to get a divorce and I couldn’t tell all my friends about it because it was complicated and frustrating. And with my parents being, well you know I wasn’t going to discuss it with them, I gave that up when they started questioning me and aggravating me. That’s when seventh grade started yes the “who knows complicated pissed off grade”. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder. I jinxed it I was so very, very wrong. You should meet some of the people here. This year is insane I can’t even explain it, but ill try…
This year people are complicated people. They lie and starting worthless fights. This year, has changed me. As if life wasn’t already dramatic just because we were in this school, now the whole world wants to be popular. None of that matters to me, popularity is more like a drug then anything, addicting and harmful. Nothing against “the people on popularity’’, get the jist?
You can’t believe what anyone says anymore. Because when they say, something it turns into a song. There’s always a second verse, and none of the verses are ever the truth, it’s just a bunch of lyrical lies. I have heard the worst rumors the latest rumors and the lamest rumors all of them start like this. She did that and he said this and now she’s never ever, ever talking to that girl again… No one said drama was a bad thing but please, at least Shakespeare made it worth while. The rest, it’s a secret no one will ever know. No one will ever understand.
Last year my team was not only a team, we were all friends there weren’t fights we accepted stupidity, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t want to argue it.
We always had fun no matter what if someone was sick we showed them we cared. Those kids were my second family. But every single one of them changed yeah it was fun to be the youngest and it was fun to annoy the seventh and eighth graders and it was fun, while it lasted. No one ever said middle school was fun, we just figured it would be. And nobody ever said change was a bad thing. Maybe we just make things seem worse then they are. Just, maybe.

Maybe people change their prospective after one year. Or maybe we just grew up before we were ready. Even if I’m only 12 I’ve learned. “Life’s a puddle, don’t get wet”. Never forget what people say when they are mad. That’s when the truth comes out, Go with your gut, it knows more then anyone can ever tell you. Never think you’re not good enough, that’s when you become plastic, that’s when you become Paris Hilton wearing bubble wrap. Be yourself and only that.
My friends are my peace, in this time of war a battle called life. Full of shut downs and bad days. Make everyday better then the last, live and die a survivor. Don’t be afraid to break down and cry. Don’t become Britney Spears. Become a role model.

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kalic23 said...
on Oct. 12 2008 at 9:05 pm
I wrote this piece. I dont think its even close to being my best work and i really dont even like it anymore it shows me how much a writer can change in a year.


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