My Spelling Fiasco

November 3, 2007
By peter hoburg, Park City, UT

My embarrassing moment happened a long time ago on a day so sunny that you could not look out the window without your sunglasses. On that day my friend and I were playing soccer on the soccer fields at our school. When the bell rang, I went inside and to my spelling lesson.
I was nervous because I had my first oral spelling test. This spelling test was supposed to be made up of easy words like about, dumb, because, etc… When I got to class, I was still nervous because this was the first spelling test of the year.
I thought to myself that if this teacher was as easy as she seems, I would ace the test, no problem.
As I would soon find out, I was right, but also in a sense, wrong. I got to class and the spelling test began. I had studied for it, but still I was nervous. I was the 10th or 12th to go, and each person in front of me got different words to spell (man, how do teachers get so smart?).
Everybody in front of me had gone, and I was next. All of the people had gotten the words right except for one person who had missed a word that I still can’t spell today: stable.
Well, I got up there and spelled my first five words right. I was going great.
There were only 15 words in the test. I was on the 13th word and had a perfect score, but then came a really easy word: spell. Since I had gotten all the other words right, I thought I could get this one right, too. When I spelled it, this is how I spelled it: “sphel.”
Instantly everybody started laughing (not hard, but I still could notice it). Then, with that failure in my mind, I wasn’t so confident about my spelling ability. As it turned out, the last two words were extremely easy, so I did ok on that spelling test, but that word still hangs in my memory like a bad dream and haunts me to this very day.

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on Nov. 6 2008 at 1:59 pm
Oh trust me, i can relate. Spelling is my downfall too.


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