And Then It Was Gone

October 31, 2007
It had been raining all day, and severe thunderstorm warnings flashed across the television screen.

“Bye Jess!” Mom said as she went off to work.

My mom, dad, and brother wasn't home, my mother was at work, and my father and brother were at a Boy Scout trip in Sisseton, South Dakota. I was home alone for about an hour or so. Finally they had pulled up and came running inside because it was pouring outside.

As my father and brother were explaining to me what they did all weekend, the hair on the back of my neck felt as if it is standing straight up in the air.

The windows exploded along with the television; my pet frog was toasted in his cage. The light sockets were pitch black with smoke pouring out of them. The window, or what used to be, was all black.

My father sprinted up the stairs to see if there’s a fire, while yelling at me to call 9-1-1. I picked up the phone, no dial tone. As he ran down the stairs he was screaming at my brother and me to get out and get out NOW!

Randy, Dad and I all ran out the door, but then it hit me, Tanner! I must go get him! I did the unexpected and ran into the burning house to save the over-sized guinea pig. I ripped off my fingernail in the process of getting him out of his cage. I chose Tanner over my coat. So here I am, running back outside with my short sleeve shirt, no coat, my mud boots, and my furry little friend Tanner.

Dad peeled out of the quarter-mile driveway to go to the neighbors for help. Before I could fully comprehend what just happened, fire trucks are speeding down Fifth Street, sirens going off every which way, the sound of the deafening thunder roaring overhead.

I looked back to see if the house is still there. It was engulfed in flames, the flames that were the most intense were coming out the room we were in, the living room. I hugged my brother with Tanner in the middle, thankful we are still alive.

The firemen tried to save the house, but it was too late. The flames took over, and then it was gone.

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emily_thompson said...
Aug. 21, 2008 at 8:51 pm
hey girl, what a great essay. sorry you had to deal with it. i would do the same thing for my new kitty and rabbit - run back in to save them. somehow our furry friends mean so much to us.
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