One Proud Patriot

October 30, 2007
By Bethany LaChance, Seaford, DE

It was pretty easy to tell who was a Patriot in the 1700’s. They constantly talked about freedom, and wore those three sided hats and buckled shoes. When I think of America, I see proud citizens and fireworks. I am an American patriot by the way I act and the way I see the world. An American patriot to me is somebody who feels passionate about their American rights and responsibilities, not just an old fashioned revolutionary or a president.

Throughout my life, I have stood up for what is right. Though it may sound like a boring topic in class, your personal freedoms aren’t something you should take for granted. For example, once my principal decided that all the students would have to wear their uniforms to the school dance. My friends and I decided that it was wrong so we took a stand and created a petition. After all, we felt like winning the lottery but getting cheated out of the money. We should have been allowed to wear what we wanted! Because my friends and I used our freedom to petition and speak out, we got enough signatures for the petition and got to wear what we wanted to the dance. We have the opportunity to vote and hold rallies. We also can pick the jobs we want and marry who we please. Not everybody has the freedom to do that. I’m glad I live in America where I can be free. If I lived in another country, I surely couldn’t pursue my dreams and that’s what being a patriot is about.

As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious than being able to decide.” I may not understand everything about the government but at least I know and care about my freedom. People have died to have the rights I have, and for that I say I am proud. I am proud to have that luxury. I am proud to have my rights and protection. I am proud to be an American. I may not wear buckled shoes or be a Founding Father but you can still call me a patriot.

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