Most Likely a Goodbye

October 23, 2007
By Kristen Moeller, Tampa, FL

You were right when you said I didn't know you. And I do want to. But I want to know the real you. Not the one who comes out when you're around "the guys" I want to know the guy who emerges when you're alone.
I remember having long conversations with an honest friend when we were in our own seperate homes, and away from everyone else. I've looked for him in the halls of our school..and even for just a moment in time, I'll catch a glimpse of him in your eyes. But reapply your mask. Covering the evidence of who you might be. I wish I knew how to keep you there. Keep you as the person you are in those few seconds. Yet I'm afraid I can't...and unfortunately, time seems to be up. Unless...unless you're willing to take a chance and see where it takes you.
You know, all our souls can be seen in our eyes...and can see a lot by just looking.

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