Bikes on Top of the Car

October 10, 2007
By samantha kamrath, South Sioux City, NE

One day my sister Natasha and I were playing on the car. Tasha was putting my bike on the top of the car so I decided to put her bike on the top of the car. When I was doing that I fell down the front of the car and I split my leg on the license plates and you can see the inside my leg like my leg bone, my vanes, and alot of bliid in my leg. My dad wasent very happy about it. There was blood all over the hood and all over the seat. My dad was rushing me to the hospital. Tasha was in the back of the car with me and she almost puked all over in the car and for the most part all over me. The doctor was a nice guy well he was nice to me and he put twelve stitches in my leg. When I got them I had to go strate home and lay down on my bed or the couch. Tasha was doing things like get me some food for me some thing for me to drink and of i was on the couch she would get me a blanket and a pillow. And she would even help me up and down the stares to go to the adic and get down from the adic well i sleep in the adic is my room so i can cal it my room for me until I was all better. It took about one week till I get to walk on my leg again. When I got to walk I was out side almost all day. After I got my stitches out I have a scar left on my rite leg. That is why you dont put bikes on the top of the car.

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