Moving to Wisconsin

October 10, 2007
By Corey Berning, Sussex, WI

My family’s life got turned upside down when my dad lost his job. As a family, we would have to make a decision where to start our new chapter. There were many different places that we could adventure to. It would be odd to leave the place I grew up in, but as my mom said, “it will be fun to meet new people and to live in a different part of the United States”.
I had been playing hockey since I was five. Through this sport I had met and made friends. These friends would come in to play while we decide our future. There was one family that had move to Wisconsin three years prier. Knowing this family had moved we decided to give them a call and see how they like it in Wisconsin. After finding out about Wisconsin life, we took a family vote and went to Wisconsin to check it out. While we were there, my dad took the time to look for a job and struck gold. He found employment at Wells Fargo doing the same kind of job as his had before.
After talking about this as a family, it was settled and it was off to Wisconsin. Now living in Wisconsin we would encounter obstacles that we would have to tackle. Knowing a friend helped me to meet people and learn my way around. I would get to play hockey with my old body again. This was one of the best part of moving, I got to hang out with my old friend from Colorado.
Moving has changed my life for the better. I went from being by the mountains to being by the lakes. As friend we have gone on adventures that I would have not been able to do in Colorado. There is always the thought of what my life would have been like in Colorado, but I would never change what had already happened. In the near future I would love to go back to Colorado or adventure to a new place to start a new chapter.

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