Uncle Paul

October 2, 2007
By dedric hunt, Southsouixciy, NE

I was three and my sister and I were on the couch playing my Playstation that my uncle bought me for my birthday. My uncle, Paul, went into my mom’s room and he sat on the bed to rest. His room was upstairs and I remember thinking that it seemed strange that he would be going into my mom’s room. I smelled tacos cooking, “Dinner time,” my mom yelled. Paul did not come out of her room. My mom asked me to go get him. “Hey, Paul get up it’s dinner!” But there was no response. Like any three year old, I jumped on him and started shaking him and still he wouldn’t wake up. I blurted out “Mom COM’ here!” My mom yelled at Paul and then I remember her grabbing a bucket from the closet and filling it with water and throwing it on him. I wanted her to just call the cops that she did. My mom was crying and screaming and I went back to join my sister in the living room.

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