Have You Ever???!!!

October 1, 2007
By Alyssa Goldsmith, Detroit, MI

Have you ever wanted to do something really bad but you thought you wouldn't succeed or you thought you weren't good enough.Well this my story of Have You Ever!!???
Since i was about 11 years old I have always loved taking pictures. Then one day i was flipping through the channels and i found this show called "America's Next Top Model." Since then my dream has always been about modeling on somebodies runway with really nice clothes and shoes. I think modeling is not about just "TAKING PICTURES" but about being a representation for people like them and expression through pictures. People think models are just these reallly mean and catty skinny girls who think they are better than everyone else, but not all are like that. I am about 5'7 and i have really long arms and legs. When people see me they get really intimidated or offended just because of my facial expressions. But if you really get to know me as an individual you will really see that its not the figure on the outside but the kind and gentle person who is on the inside.
When i got into my teenage years i really started thinking about modeling more seriously. I have signed up for many modeling interviews and agencies but everytime i sign up i get really nervous because of what people think of me. But i have learned in the past month that you should never let others around you intimidate you or stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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