The Most Longest Night Of My Life!

July 29, 2008
On a bright Agust afternoon I was on my way home from my mothers house and when I got home I had called to see if I could go to my friend Dakota's nice cozy house tp play and spend the night when they said that my dad was on his way home in his nice sparkly clean black truck from Iowa City,Iowa.They said that he might have to talk to me about something.So I had got cozy on our big 7 foot black leather couch about ready to watch my most favorite .T.V. show can you guess what it is.There is singing in it and daceing and also alot of actingin this show it is HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!Then all of a sudden I saw someone in a black lether coat come in so I had got up off of the big black couch to go see who it was and it ws my dads two BEST FRIEND'S!I asked them what they were doing here and the said that I should wait for my dad to tell me and so then at that moment my dad had arrived with my sister Jennas mom, Cindy.When my dad had came into the house he told me to go upstairs to my bright blue squre warm room.So I went up to my room and my dad followed me up our yellow carpeted stairs.When we had got up to my room my dad shut the door and started to hug me and I said "Dad what was that you wanted to tell me."He said "Well do you remember that old little dark blue Grandam car that you sister Jenna always drove?"And then I said "Yes why well Kendra I don't want you take this all the wrong way so I just come out and tell you sweetie." Then I was like "What is it dad tell me please."Then my dad said that Jenna was in a car axcident and she..............................Than he said"Kendra your sister is in a better place now." And I am like what are you talking about daddy.Then he said that that the little dark blue car that she was still driveing the brakes had gone out and she went into the bright green ditch and couldn't get out of the car in time to call 911.So she had past away and I moved to lay om my bed and then my dad went back down to tell Kevin to go upstairs to comfort me while my dad took a rest and to get soe feelings out of him.Kevin came to get me and we went down stairs to go outside to get some fresh air.Then finaly my mom came and I started to lay down in my bed and my mom came in her blue and purple silk PJ's with the number 10 on them with green sparkaly stars all over them.So my mom had come upstairs and she layed down with me to comfort me.She had got up to go homr about an hour later and I just sat there all night thimking so I did not get ANY sleep at all.So I thought that was thea most longest night of my LIFE!!!!

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