Chapter 3 - love never dies

July 22, 2008
By Sierra Centofanti, Campbell, OH

“I actually think the food has gotten worse!” I proclaimed to my friends. They all laughed and continued to eat. We all sat around our little circle table. Today they were feeding us....pepperoni rolls.
They weren’t too bad. I mean if you like warm, cheesy bread with some old pepperoni that nobody wants to eat thrown in. I ate it and sat back in my chair. I thought about the boy and glanced around the lunchroom hoping to find him there. Nothing, he’s nowhere to be found. Why do I even what to see him so much? He is too quiet, not very social and seems way too sad and he looks very...very, un- groomed. But...he seems mysterious and strange. He also looks kinda dangerous. You know a real bad boy! No...NO stop thinking like that. He’s just some boy, yeah that’s it. Just some kid in my class, nobody special! Ding. I got up and mindlessly went to my next class. “ Take out your notebooks and copy this down. The ancient civilizations were in Africa, Asia, and Europe. We will cover many different groups of people.” I think that was the only thing I heard throughout the whole period. Social studies, the most boring subject. Ding I walked alone down the hallway and into my next class. “Please talk a seat?” I heard our teacher ask the class. I looked up and Kraysets. Yeah...well that is what the board says. When I call you up get your book and sit down. My name was called and I got up and got my book. I looked around as I walked back to my seat. Why does he always sit in the back of the class? What does he not like people or something? I don’t know. Maybe he things he is to good for this school thing. Yeah, that might be it. “I don’t think so” the little voice in the back of my head said. “I thing he is just scared.” The little voice laughed. Why do I thing these things? He is really cute. “Sean Varing.” The teacher called and HE of all people stood up. His head down he walked up to the front of the classroom and grabbed the book without even looking at the teacher, or anybody else for that

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the 3rd chapter,

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