Moving to the cheese state?

July 16, 2008
By Sonia Ayala, Glendale, WI

My eighth-grade year was amazing and I could not wait for my freshmen year to come by. When summer time came, I was super pumped to hang out with my friends and do all the fun things that people do during the summer. But I was in for a surprise when in the middle of the summer my parents sat me down to tell me that there was a possibility that we had to move to another state. At first I thought it was just a joke, because they had said that throughout my entire eighth-grade year. One Saturday, my parents sat me down in the living room and said, “We need to talk, and we have something important to tell you.” I thought it was something really bad, like something bad had happened to someone in my family but than they told me that they had offer my dad a promotion.
I said “Oh, that is great dad! I hope you take the opportunity to excel and do what you like to do best.” After I said that, I asked him what was the promotion, and he said that it involved moving from Fort Worth, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I became speechless. I did not know what to think or what to do because I did not want to move away from the ones I loved, again. My first reaction was to cry then I just got up and walked straight into my room. After a couple of hours, my parents came into my room and told me that they had made the decision. The first thing that came to my mind was “We are definitely not moving” but after I asked what was the decision, my parents looked at each other and said “We know this is going to be hard for you…The decision is that we are moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

I was shocked. I did not know what to do other than cry and ask why we had to move if we were perfectly fine where we were. They tried to explain to me the many advantages of moving, but I did not want to hear it. I told them to get out of my room because it felt as if they were doing this to punish me. They tried so much to get me to understand that it was not a type of punishment whatsoever, that in reality it was the best thing for the whole family. After they left my room, I sobbed for about 2 hours straight until I calm down a little bit. The first thing that came to mind after finding out that I was moving was to call my best friend Katelyn and tell her what was going on.

When she answered the phone and heard me crying, she freaked out and asked me if everything was okay right away. I said, “No, everything is not okay” and she said, “why, what happened?” and I had to explain her what had happened and what my parents said. After I finished telling her, she was silent for about ten minutes until she said, “do you know when and where you are moving?” I said, “I only know where I am moving to, but I do not know when we are moving.”

Katelyn and I talked for about three hours and she tried to make me feel better by saying “oh do not worry about it, your parents have told you in the past that you are moving but you never do… it probably won’t happen.” After she said that I felt a lot better and was able to get some sleep that night. The next day, my three best friends and I went to Ihop for breakfast. I had to explain to Brooke and the other Katelynn what my parents said to me the night before. They were just as shocked as Katelyn was when I told her. They stopped eating and it was dead silence for a while. Just the thought of not being with my best friends made me want to cry and a tear rolled down my cheek. Katelyn saw that, gave me a hug and said, “Everything will be okay, I promise.”

Weeks passed by and my parents did not mention anything about moving. I thought it was a false alarm and that Katelyn was right when she said that it was not going to happen, until it was time to get everything ready for school again. The subject came up again, but this time it was serious. My parents sat me and my brother down in the living room and said “We have to talk, this is very important” the moment he said that, I got a feeling that it had to do with the whole moving thing. My dad explained to us what had happened during those weeks when he did not mention anything to us about moving. He said that his boss had to work some things out in order for everything to work out smoothly.

This time, I cried but not as much because I already knew that moving was a possibility. The only thing that I wanted to know was when we were going to move. When I asked my parents that, they looked at each other and said, “We know you do not want to move in the middle of the year, but we are moving around the end of October beginning of November.” I had about a thousand thought running throw my head. I would not spend my high school years with my best friends and I would not even spend my sixteenth birthday with them, those were some of the thoughts that I had at the time.

My dad started to travel a lot to Milwaukee because he needed to settle in his office and start researching what were the best areas to live in Milwaukee. He would fly to Milwaukee on either sunday nights or monday morning and would come home on friday nights. It was really hard for me to not see my dad for almost a week, especially since I knew that he was preparing everything for us to move. My brother I were already going to school, so knowing that we were moving in the middle of the year made it ten times harder. We flew to Milwaukee during Memorial Day weekend so that my brother and I could take a placement test for the schools we were attending when we moved to Milwaukee. Also, when we were in Milwaukee, we looked at some apartments and chose the one we liked the best.

When we came back, all of my friends knew that I was moving for sure and they tried to do everything and anything to take that off my mind. Going to school everyday was really hard for me, I did not want to leave my school, my friends, my house, and I just did not want to move in general. My parents knew that, and they allowed me to do everything I wanted to do. I knew that it was because they felt horrible about the fact that I was unhappy about moving. There were days that I did not eat a thing and some days all I did was sleep. In a way, I was showing how upset I was but at the same time I was hurting myself because I got so drawn into the fact that I was moving that I stopped enjoying my last moments with my friends.

When I realized that, I changed my attitude a little bit and became more opened minded about moving. My last couple of days were tremendously hard for me, especially my last day of school. It was so hard for me to not cry when I was saying good-bye to all my teachers and friends. I am very thankful to have those three best friends that helped me through it. My last weekend there, my best friends and I spent every single minute together. It was nice to build so many memories in three days. On sunday night, I said good-bye to my three best friends, hoping to see them again soon.
To my surprised, Katelyn called me on Monday morning to tell me that she had skipped school to be with me on my last day in Fort Worth. The fact that she was willing to do that made me realize how much she cared about me. We spent the whole day together; we even went out to dinner. The hardest part was dropping her off at her house. To this day, I still talk to my three best friends, even though we are not as close as we use to be. This experience has thought me to appreciate things a lot more and that it is very hard for me to say good-bye to people that I truly care about. Also it has thought me to be more open about things, especially about trying out new things.

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