Jenna, Our Friend, Who We Traded for Earrings

July 15, 2008
By Joanie Kim, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Here. Take a look.

Oh my god! You really got them pierced!

Yep. Told you!
Emily and I successfully convinced Jenna that our ears are pierced. There were pairs of magnetic toy earrings on our thin earlobes, which were red and swollen from wearing the earrings all day long.

See our ears? They are red around the earrings because she just got them done.
Ouch… That must’ve hurt, right?
Oh yeah.. Like you can’t even imagine! It felt like cutting my ear open.
Really? I can’t believe you got your ears pierced.
Emily, Jenna, and I made a very big deal out of piercing ears. To us, only seven-year-olds got to get their ears pierced. Just one more year, and we would’ve all gotten them pierced together. However, Emily and I got pretend-piercing together, leaving out Jenna. She was jealous of our early “piercings”, and we were enjoying every second of her jealousy.

Ow, Don’t touch my ears, Jenna! They hurt. I might start bleeding.


Jenna. Don’t even come near me. I feel like you’re gonna touch them again.

Joanie! I promise I won’t.

Jenna. Just shut up. You are annoying, and you don’t have your ears pierced.

What does that have to do with anything, Emily? Meanie face.
Giggling inside, Emily and I were exchanged eye messages. Lying to Jenna about piercing our ears was too funny to stop doing it. It was the highlight of the day, our favorite activity. We kept going on with our little prank on Jenna. She would never know that our ears were only decorated with magnetic earrings that we bought at Target.

I bet you’re super jealous, Jenna.

I am not.

Please. I can tell that you are. You are the only one without earrings.

So? I don’t care. Say whatever you want. I really don’t care.

Oh Jenna! Are you crying?

No! There’s something in my eye.

Oh. I thought your eyes were watery.

They aren’t. I think I am going to go home now.
Jenna walked back to her house, and Emily and I rolled on the floor laughing hysterically. She totally believed us. She really thinks our ears are pierced. Funniest thing ever. We high-fived and laughed some more.
The next day, we called Jenna to come over to my house, and she never came. The first day she didn’t come over, her mom said she had a soccer practice. The next day, she had ballet all day. The day after, she had piano lessons and violin lessons. A month later, her days were still filled with lessons and other things to do, leaving no time for her friends apparently.

I guess Jenna’s really busy now.

Yeah. Her mom makes her do a lot of things.

That sucks.

The author's comments:
This is a vignette, written from personal experience. The goal was to write this from a seven year old's view, in a seven-year-old's naive, innocent, yet a bit cruel voice.

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