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July 10, 2008
By alexgurl8957 BRONZE, Osprey, Florida
alexgurl8957 BRONZE, Osprey, Florida
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It was the beginning of the school year, when a feeling touched her, touched every part of her body. This feeling over powered her and she didn’t know how to handle it because she never felt it before. It was like bam, here I am, now what. Her name is Alexandra and her feeling, love. The school year began and there he was, his bright, beautiful, blonde hair and his warm fuzzy sweaters. When she saw him, the feeling was there and she didn’t know what it was so she ignored it. His name, Mitchell, shy, self-conscious, and not really out of his shell but had a heart that shined through his clothes. He never spoke what he felt but if you think of it, he did, through his music. She never understood that till the second school beach trip and the Washington DC and New York City school trip. The thing that made his personality shine was how unpredictable he was, which meant that you couldn’t tell what he was thinking and once you knew him for awhile then, out of the blue, he would surprise you. He is those types of people who hide what they feel just to fit in but he didn’t want to be like that but had no choice because he wanted to fit in with the children at the school he was currently going to. The only thing he didn’t give up was his music because that was what he brought to the table. That represents his character and when he plays it, you can tell right away that he is expressing his emotion in a way that no one could understand. To her, he was different than others men, he was what men should be in this world but aren’t. He accepted women like us for who we are and not about what they bring to the table and this is what she wanted in a man. After her bad relationship, she gave up in discovering what love should be and how woman should be equal and not treated like play toys. Their relationship gave her hope when learning more and more about him. He made her laugh and gave great advice when she went through a stage as in forgetting what she believes in and what she stood for. Even though it annoyed her when he showed jealousy towards her relationships with other men, in his heart he was trying to remind her that she wasn’t like that and she didn’t deserve it. After a couple of months, she finally understood it and by understanding it, it made her grow fonder to him, which then that fondness turned into love and passion. She decided to take a chance even though she knew that risks were to be taken. The risk was asking him out and she took that risk knowing things might end between them. It was the end of their relationship till the second school beach trip where things between them started to evolve.
The second school beach trip was a surprise trip planned by the teachers as a rest from yearly ERB testing. At this time, their relationship was getting back to normal because after asking him out, he shut her out because he couldn’t handle it or didn’t know how. When going on this trip, all she wanted was to have fun with her friends, including him of course. After the arrival and the lunch she noticed something and she was fascinated by. He wasn’t so shy as he was before and he wasn’t so scared anymore. They started hanging out closely again and she was the only one he hung out with closely. He started talking more to her about life and asked her about her future and started getting fascinated by it, which made her smile. She started to transform back into who she was with her morals and beliefs. On the bus ride back, he was tired and worn out so she left him alone but after all those years she knew him; he let her touch his cheek, which made him blush. It made both of them laugh.
The next major school trip was the Washington DC & New York City Trip. This trip was meant to be educational and it turned out to be a trip never forgotten. On the trip, she took pictures of him with her camera and it made him mad for a little bit but then he started to enjoy it later on. It made him feel important and special and he was never treated or felt like that before. The sunset was beautiful that day and it triggered emotions for her and she didn’t know if he had emotion triggers as well. The group was on the field where the capital monument was located and she took pictures and the guys were playing freebie. He came over to sit for a little bit and she had a brochure of the WWII Memorial that was for her homework journal but she decided to play a little game with him, which turned into fun seeing if he could get it from her hands. The next day was amazing till a kid put him down so she cheered him up by telling him all the things she liked about him. The last couple things she said were also expressed by touch. She touched his noise, then a quick touch on his lips, then his eyes but accidentally poked him so he made fun of her for it, which made her laugh. He wasn’t convinced so she touched him again but when she touched him on the lips, it was slower than the first touch, which made him happy. There was a moment between them and their faces were about 2 inches apart but with in kissing distance. If no one were on that bus that day, they would have probably kissed. That night, for the first time ever, they hugged in front of their whole school right next to the Iwo Jima Memorial. That night she went into his hotel room and mixed feelings were there and that was probably why he was very nervous.
Next part of the trip was New York City and everything was going perfectly. It was planned that the grade was going to go to a play called Hairspray and go to a restaurant called Bubba Gumps. They walked together to the play and then after the play they went to Bubba Gumps. She thought he was going to sit with his friends but by surprise, he didn’t, he sat across from her. It made her happy so she gave 2 toasts in honor of him. When the food arrived, they both ordered different things so they each took a bite from each other’s food on their plates. Before going up to the hotel room, she asks him if she could sit next to him on the bus and it was a surprise to her when he said yes. Before Ground Zero and the airport, he helped her redeem her fear of heights and she felt happy about having someone who would stand be her side when not needed but asked. On the way to Ground Zero and to the airport he sat next to her and while sitting together, each felt comfortable with each other. They played thumb war and talked. He opened up to her and told her a secret that is very hard for guys to tell women and she was honored by it. When she arrived home from the trip, her love and passion was stronger than every for him so she decided to take another chance. He responded the same way even though she knew he loved her and others knew it too.
On graduation day she was sad because she was leaving him. She saw him and tried to talk to him but he sounded pissy. He was like that because he was nervous for his violin solo. When he performed, she was so proud of him and after when he was walking back, she gave him thumbs up and a smile. He appreciated it and she was glad he did. She didn’t expect anything in return from him because that was just how he was but he surprised her when she walked back with her diploma in hand, he returned the gesture of thumbs up and a huge smile, which made her so happy and loved. Before leaving for good, they exchanged 3 wonderful, warm hugs and then, departed.
Now, 1 month before high school, she hasn’t talked nor seen him and the passion and love she had for him died down but she till has that small passion left for him.

The author's comments:
Hey everyone, my name is Alexandra and I live in Osprey, Florida. I am 14 years old but turning 15 in September. I wrote this story not concerning love but character. This person has been my best friend for a long time and he always thought that he wasn't good enough for the world so I wrote this because I wanted to tell him that he is and so I wrote this hoping he will read it and appreciate what he is because he is one of those people that you can rarely find in this world. Everything in this story is true and the names are true too. If you have any feedback then email me at Thanks! -Alexandra

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