Half Blooded Sisters

July 10, 2008
By Jeanne Capanelli, Commack, NY

We called each other “sisters,” and swore we would never let anything come between us, not boys, distance, fights, nothing. So how is it just a year later I roll my eyes to see I’ve gotten an IM or text from her? I guess BFFL has a different meaning than Best Friends For Life.

Gabby and I had been on the same bus since she moved to New York in the second grade, she lived down the block and yet I didn’t speak with her until the fifth grade. If it wasn’t for Laura, another neighbor I didn’t speak with until the fifth grade, we probably would have never become friends. Throughout the fifth grade we were friends, and we had our little fights but nothing major. When sixth grade rolled around it seemed she couldn’t stand me, she would make stupid reasons of why she was mad, but I know it was because I had become best friends with Laura who now hung out with me more than Gabby. At the beginning of sixth grade we both bonded over liking the blue-eyed hottie that had moved in next door to me. We always seemed to like the same guy and it was one of the reason we called each other “sisters.” We would sing to songs on her ipod and hang out at Laura’s house. We liked the same things and we thought we would be friends for ever.

As we both realized that my neighbor was annoying we once again went back to fighting. She would get mad at me for the stupidest things like not sitting with her on the bus or forgetting to come online when she asked me to. She made me cry all the time and I was getting fed-up with it all. One day I told her I couldn’t be friends with her anymore. That however didn’t last long because she made me feel so bad about doing so.

Laura and I started to see that she was lying about little things, things we wouldn’t care if she told the truth about but she just wanted to spice things up a bit. But then one day she told Laura and I something shocking, she was moving...., half way across the world to Lebanon. We put all our differences aside to make the best of the last summer we would have together. Than more shocking news...., Gabby’s grandpa had died. Laura and I were so upset that Gabby was moving, and I cried about a million times over it and I’m not one to cry a lot.

Laura and I decided we would throw her a going away party. It was a blast and we got her mind off of her grandpa. But as Gabby’s dad came to pick her up my mom said, “So sorry to hear about your dad.”

Gabby’s dad replied with, “Thank you, hopefully he’ll get better.” My mothers face turned beat red. She brought me inside and slammed the door. I got an hour of her yelling at me about how she spent 200$ on a party for a girl that lied about her grandpa dying. Of coarse when I got online that night Gabby denied her grandpa was still alive she also told me she wasn’t moving. I got offline and didn’t talk to her for the rest of the summer.

Then seventh grade started and Laura and I pretended Gabby didn’t exist. Harsh, maybe but she was a liar and we didn’t want anything to do with her. Then more boy drama caused us to talk again, Laura and I were talking about a boy we knew and Gabby overheard. “So you like him?” She asked me.

“No,” I bitterly replied.

“Oh common you and Laura are always talking about him, do you have a picture?” I Handed her my phone with Chris’ picture on it. “Oh my god! I know him he’s in my art class. I could never see you guys together he doesn’t talk, and you never shut up.”

“Well than it’s a good thing I don’t like him.” Now everyday for about two months I would come on the bus and she would announce what Chris did in art that day, and how she asked him if he liked me and got no reply. “No offence Gabby but I really could care less of what Chris did in art today,” I finally said.

“What ever you know you love him,” she turned away. I knew it and she apparently knew it before I did.
I knew I had to face the music and tell her and wait for the, “I told you so’s,” to come. And they did, lots of them. For two months she harassed me and Chris asking when we were going to admit our “love” for each other. I told her to shut up and he wouldn’t reply. Then we started talking like we used to and I started to like her again.

We would sing to her ipod just as we did a mere year before and tell each other what was new in our lives. Now the summer of seventh grade, me and Gabby don’t talk much and I can’t help but roll my eyes if I get an IM from her. It’s not that I don’t think she’s nice or funny, its just she’s my past. I don’t expect we will talk much in eighth grade or ninth for that matter. We will never be sisters again and I okay with that because there was a reason I lost touch with her when she only lived down the block last summer.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because Gabby was the only friend i ever lost. I hope it helps people in the same situation

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