The Dog Bite

July 9, 2008
By Alexia Pena, Del Rio, TX

Today has been a horrible day for me. Six weeks exams are this coming week and I have to miss them and make them up. Everyone is turning 8 in these two weeks and going to parties and having fun. How about me? No I’m just stuck here in this stupid hospital room. I get lonely here at times. And I HATE the nurses. They’re always coming in here and poking me with sharp needles. They say it will only sting like an ant bite. Every time they say that I believe them, which isn’t a very smart thing to do. Every single time it hurts worse and worse. The shots are pretty bad but what I hate the most is when they take out my blood. I try not to look but its tempting in a way. I just have to see what they’re doing to my arm. I see the nurse stick in the long thick needle and the tube fills up with deep red blood. I cry whenever she does this. It’s not the pain that causes my eyes to swell up with tears. It’s knowing that I’m still a little girl. My whole life ahead of me. And thinking that if these tests don’t come out good then my life will be taken away from me and there are so many sights I have not seen. I have a world to explore, which I may never be able to do. The doctor come in and touches my face, arms, and legs. I don’t know why he does this. If I got bitten on the head. It was a big brown dog, part husky and even part wolf. This dog scares me a lot. I don’t remember exactly what happened but this is the story I have been told.
I was at a barbeque earlier today in the small town of Comstock, where my whole family lives. We were all eating and having a great time. I and my cousin were bored and we decided to go to his grandpas little ranch house right next door. My cousin’s dog was kept there because there was space for him to be tied up and he was helpful with the goats. He was a great dog and everyone loved him including me. He was tied up with a chain and we wanted to play and take him for a walk. We untied him and let him lead the way. His name was brownie. He was as hyper active dog and we went around the time so many times it felt like my legs were going to fall off. Whenever we got tired we went to my cousin’s aunt’s house and my cousin went to go play with a friend n the street. I sat with my other cousin Jando on some chairs on the lawn. We were having a nice conversation trying to stay away from the hot Texas heat. Jando went inside to go grab a glass of water and I stayed to relax. My other cousin was in the street with the dog and accidentally let go of the leash. I see Brownie run up to me and as soon as I lean down to pet him he pushes down my chair. I hit my head hard on the ground and feel a little pressure on my head. Then everything goes black. I hear voices screaming and crying so I try my best to open my eyes. I finally force them open no matter how hard it is I have to keep them open. All I see is fog, everything is really hazy. I need to get my vision back to normal so I wait. After what seems forever I can finally see. I am in somebody’s arms. My cousin is running across the street to where my mom is at. I feel my shirt and shorts heavy like if I was swimming then I smell the blood I look at my yellow clothes which is now red. The grass is red, my clothes are red, the chair is red, and worst of all the dogs face is bright red. The lady is holding up deep red towels to my head and my mom comes running and crying. They say I might not make it because of all the blood loss and they quickly carry me towards the car. The already called the ambulance but the nearest hospital is 30 minuets away. They decide to take me and we’ll meet them half way. I can see how scared everyone just by looking in there eyes. I am really tired and just want to fall asleep. I see everything a blur and my mom keeps me awake. I cannot go to sleep they say afraid I will not wake. I am scared and my father is out hunting and the only person I want is my grandmother. She raised me since I was a baby. My parents are almost complete strangers. My grandmother is with the little kids and she could not come with us. I feel really sad inside and hear her voice in my head. We finally arrive at the hospital. The ambulance never met up with us. We run into the emergency room and the nurse hurriedly points to a door in the back. Nurses run in cleaning the wound. I hear them talking its pretty deep. The dog may have rabies they say. I hear the whole conversation getting more and more scared. They could not stop the blood from coming out so I go to a room where I lay down. The heavy bloody clothes are too much weight and I am losing strength. The doctor cuts my brand new yellow shirt right down the middle. I want to cry it was brand new and it was my favorite shirt. I lay on my stomach and he grabs a needle and thread he sews as quickly as possible but cannot close it all. I get 27 stitches and some open wholes. He runs from the room and comes back with a thing that looks like it’s meant to be used on wood. I start crying and screaming for my grandmother but he says only my parents are allowed. My mother is signing papers in another room I’m scared of what he’ll do next. He put the thing on my head, pushes down hard, and clicks a button. I feel a lot of pain. Tears are gushing out just as the blood had before. He’s putting those shiny metal objects into my head. They hurt a lot but I cannot figure out what they are. I calmly ask him and he replies. You now have 18 staples in your head. I start freaking out and they bring me some pills I quickly fall asleep. The next time I wake up I am in another room. It is small and white next to me asleep on the couch is my grandmother. “Guelita!” I cry, startling her and waking her form a deep sleep. She has a big smile on her face. According to her I’ve been asleep for four days. And I have to stay here until I get well and they can remove the stitches and staples. Well the nurse is coming its time for my dinner. I must go for now.

June 28th, 2008
I am much better now I made it through that year. I had some problems with my vision but now I can see clear. I still cannot remember what happened that day but everyone’s stories are the same. It’s all in the past and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I hardly have the marks. The dog was put to sleep and all I have is a big scar. It blends in with the rest of my scalp it’s just a bump in the shape of dog’s teeth and feels ugly. I’m still also missing a chuck of hair there but I’m still okay.

The author's comments:
This is a true story that actually occured to me. And I wanted to share with readers how dogs can sometimes attack for no reason if they aren't given enough love or tied up to long.

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